Olympic commercial for BC

I recognize Kim cattrall, Ryan Reynolds, Michael J Fox, and Sarah McLachlan. Who’s the other guy with the slightly long hair?

Erik McCormick from Will and Grace?

I forgot to mention him, but there’s another guy besides Eric McCormack.

I need to find that commercial and re-see it. Or link it here if u have it.

Steve Nash i think was in it too. 2 time MVP basketball, Phoenix Suns, NBA.


yup i think you’re thinking Steve Nash.

Basketball player Steve Nash.

Thanks. For some reason I thought he was a musician.

Since the original question was answered, does it look like some of the backgrounds are green screened to anybody else? Or is it just the product of a really good Hi Def picture? The only person in the commercial that looks like he is actually there is Michael J Fox.

Nash resembles Tom Petty

Oh yeah, I don’t think anyone’s outdoors in that ad. Next question:why is Ryan Reynolds dressed like my grandpa?