Olympic Golf is a joke!

That was before the Games. When you have #4, 9, and 6 in the World golf rankings with Gold, Silver, and Bronze, I don’t think anyone cares that Jason Day and Jordan Speith weren’t there.

Nothing to do with Amateurism, but I just saw a story on my local news about an American distance runner, a recent emigre from Africa (not sure where) who got expedited citizenship because he joined the Army (not because he was a world-class athlete, ya know) who was left behind to train for the Rio Games while his Unit was deployed to the Middle East.

Golf and tennis are complete jokes in that the best around the world compete year round. There is no reason to see who gets the gold medal when they have majors.

Almost all Olympic sports have year round professional competition. The best make big money, too. Badminton and Table Tennis stars make over $1M/year and have net worth’s in the tens of millions.

Make that a requirement and you’d be left watching Modern Pentathlon, Fencing, and Synchronized Swimming for two weeks.

I also meant to mention that competitive golf was played by players from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Australia and Oceania (although New Zealand shit the bed.) They do have the favorite in the women’s event, though.

Do you have a citation on that?

The Top 10 Richest Badminton Players All Time
Players Age Country Career Earnings
Lee Chong Wei 33 Malaysia $75 Million
Lin Dan 32 China $32.5 Million
Chen Long 26 China $22.5 Million
Peter Gade 39 Denmark $20 Million
Saina Nehwal 25 India $17.5 Million
Taufik Hidayat 34 Indonesia $7.5 Million
Jan Ø. Jørgensen 28 Denmark $5.5 Million
Wang Yihan 26 China $4.08 Million
Kento MOMOTA 21 Japan $3 Million
Carolina MARIN 22 Spain $2.5 Million
LI Xuerui 24 China $2.5 Million
Viktor Axelsen 24 Denmark $2 Million

Now, a lot (most) of their earnings come from endorsement and sponsorships and appearance fees, but that;s no different from skiers and snowboarders and mountain bikers, etc. Golfers and track stars, too.