Olympic Hotties

Where can we find those steamy pictures of the olympic stars? Is Playboy doing a special? Anything online?


The latest Playboy has a bunch of naked Olympic athletes. Unfortunately, they’re all members of the Men’s Bowling Team. :eek:

OK, not really. It’s a bunch of hot, athletic women. Very attractive.




When I want to see Olympic hotties I watch the men’s swimming events. those tight little swim trunks, those sleek, wet bodies. (Swoons)

And FHM has some not-quite-naked ones.

Just got the Playboy Friday, and I’ve got to say I was a little puzzled with the editors’ decision to run the special. My fiancée and I flipped through, somewhat curious, but generally nonplussed. Some of the ladies were pretty attractive, but for the most part, these are women who are at the extreme right end of the bell-curve for athletic skill: their bodies are machines. For women whose bodies are ornamental, sure – show me pictures. But for these girls, still photography isn’t going to cut it. There’s little or no bodyfat to speak of, and if you don’t have any bodyfat, you don’t get any vive la difference worth, well… ogling.

As an engineer and an athlete I admired how specialized their bodies were. As a guy flipping through Playboy, I thought they looked an awful lot like moderately athletic men with ponytails who were unhappy to be stuck in front of a camera.

The exception was the lovely long-jumper from Latvia, Ineta Radevica, who either eats well or has a marvelous surgeon. In any case, she has a nice smile.

The interview with pole-vaulter Mary Sauer (USA) about how stiff she likes her pole was also worth half a chuckle.

Amanda Beard


You, sir, are nuts.

Except they’ve almost all taken to wearing those coveralls. Not that skintight rubber is necessarily a bad thing but still, I long for the days when Speedos were pre-eminent. At least the divers still wear the smalls.

Menawhile, here are some [http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&q=+site:www.gymstarz.com+male+gymnasts]gymnasts. Don’t know which of them are Olympians but they’re by and large hotties.

gymnasts. Dammit.

Links to some more pictures fo Olympians and other athletes, links for which expire and change fairly frequently. Also check this link. All pictures are from mainstream media so should be work safe but I take no responsibility.

I haven’t seen this issue so can’t comment on the particular women featured, but the only issue of Playboy I’ve ever in my life bought was the one with Katarina Witt. Of course that photography was entirely uninspired and the settings were cheesey (would never expect anything better from Playboy), but as for how she look nekkid, left me with a big ol’ grin.

They weren’t smiling, so appreciating their facial beauty kind of sits cold. Their pecs were larger than, and in some cases had completely absorbed, their breasts. No delightful curves around the hips or bottom, either. I stand by my assertion that they are pretty pictures of machines, and they’d be much prettier in motion – clothed or not.

There’s a reason that they don’t enter Iditarod-winning sled dogs into the Westminster Dog Show, and that Westminster Champion dogs don’t pull sleds or hunt.

Logan Tom.

Yes…Yes…God bless America.

Just do a Google Image search or Yahoo Image search. Google any of them.

The FHM pics of Amy Acuff were hot. She’s got a nice, slightly wicked smile as well as a nice, slightly wicked body. :smiley:

Check out the Brazilian Women’s Beach Volleyball team…those chicks are HOT! :smiley:

OK, upon closer inspection, I do see what you mean about a couple of them, i.e. having large enough upper body muscles that it throws off the overall sense of proportion. But that high jumper on the cover is gorgeous, as is the Latvian long jumper. In general, I’m a big fan of athletic women without any surgical enhancement, so I love layouts like this. I get bored with the usual cheesecake shots which make very similar-looking women look exactly the same, i.e. like dumb Barbies.

Perhaps calling you nuts was a bit extreme. If I was more mature, I would have simply said I disagree with you. (Big if, though…)

I think we actually do agree. The Latvian long jumper is beautiful because she’s got lovely proportions and doesn’t look as extremely trimmed down as the others, and Amy Acuff on the cover, well… like photopat said, she’s got a great smile. Even clothed, her cover picture is one of the most arresting shots in the issue, cheesecakes and centerfolds included.

For those of you who were hunting, this month’s cover Bunny is stitched onto her shoe.