Olympic Weightlifting...

I can’t ever recall actually seeing Olympic weightlifting events on TV ever. I’ve seen plenty of commercials showing big guys lifting impossibly huge weights (and subsequently dropping them into the basement parking lot). This illustrates the futility of car alarms, I suppose (but I digress).

What are the Olympic weightlifting events. Who are the contenders? How much do they lift? How is it scored? What are the world (and Olympic) records for these events?

Thanks in advance.


All your answers right here.

Just to give you a frame of reference for how good the top contenders are, I can deadlift 315, clean 135, and snatch a manly 75 lbs (and even that’s tough). Granted, those are with slightly more difficult variations of the lifts (basically, once I extend my legs, I keep them extended), but I really don’t think I’d be putting my pounds up all that much with any simple modifications.

In short, those dudes are fucking strong.

I definitely remember seeing weightlifting on TV from both Sydney and Atlanta. Yes, on NBC. I’ve seen a bit of female weightlifing this year, but no male weightlifting so far.


The Iranian guy broke the world record lifting 231kg :eek:

I imagine the reason you haven’t seen much weightlifting on television is that US broadcasts focus on events with American contenders (as do other nations with large and successful Olympic teams). It seems most of the medal winners in weightlifting are from Eastern Europe or Central Asia.

I remember being absolutely riveted by Vasily Alexeyev, who won the gold medal in the super heavyweight class in two successive Olympics. To this day, he’s one of my all-time favorite Olympic athletes. After doing a little research, I can’t believe that he had his Olympic moments way back in 1972 and 1976. This year, NBC has shifted weightlifting coverage to late night, with the super heavyweights concluding the events late tonight (Wednesday). They did do a small bit in primetime when a Greek weightlifter competed and there was an incredible crowd reaction. In some ways, I think of it as the most “pure” Olympic sport, along with the straight running races. Isn’t “higher, faster, stronger” what it’s all about?

231? He lifted 263.5kg.

I apolgise. I can’t remember phone numbers either.

A-p-l-o-g-i-s-e. I can’t type either.

Oh crap, I give up!

My cousin used to be the coach of the Canadian weightlifting team. Cool guy, and in his mid 70’s he’s still one of the strongest people I know.