Pavel Tsatsouline'S Russian "strength secrets" . . anyone familiar with this guy?

We keep getting this magazine “Things You Never Thought Existed” which is a catalog of weird gifts.

One of the items that keeps cropping up is a book by this Russian dude Pavel Tsatsouline called “Russian Strength Training Secrets”. He also wrote “Power to the People”.

According to the ad, it claims that he uses only two exercises, 20 minutes a day and that these exercises are better than weightlifting.

Has anyone tried his system, and what are these two miraculous exercises?

I already tried google which pulls up tons of sites, but mostly theory sites.

There are a bunch of reviews on Amazon that may be helpful.

Russian Strength Secrets? Wouldn’t that just be a bottle of steroids?
ducks and runs

there were some interviews with him online too … but don’t remember where …

but then, he admits his technique will not get you big, only strong. strength and size are not the same thing.

I’ve heard a few lifters swear by him. From what I’ve read, I’m suspicious.

I should have been more specific . . . has anyone read any ohf his books, and can they describe these exercises?

A good discussion of Tsatsouline’s Power to the Peopleappears on this site. Here are the two exercises in question:

Only to a small degree. Neuromuscular adaptation occurs, which is just adaptation of the nervous system basically- but only to a certain degree.

Strength/size differences in people are due to genetics, what ratio of slow/fast twich fibers a person has. Read this for more information:

Basically if you train for strength you are going to get size. It may not be that much, but believe me, the muscle fibers get bigger.

no, not just genetics. by training with heavy weights you achieve myofibrillar hypertrophy (strength) on the other hand by training with high repetitions you achieve sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (size) without any gain in strength.

that is a muscle fiber is a cell, it has within it the motor units (myofibrills) but they only make up part of the volume of the fiber, you can increase the volume without increasing number of motor units and vice versa.

at least this is what tsatsouline would tell you :slight_smile:

i agree, training for strength will give you size too, but your strength to size ration will increase.