Olympics beds

A news story running all over the Internet claims that the Olympics are providing the athletes with carboard beds designed to collapse if more than one person is on them, to prevent sex due to covid restrictions. But the real story is that the Olympic Village is designed to be self-sustaining and green, and the beds are made of recycled cardboard for sustainability.
I don’t think people pushing the no sex story realize just how big some Olympic athletes are. I think weight lifters probably weight more than two ordinary people. Besides, if you want to have sex, you can find places to do the deed besides on a collapsed bed.

I think I read that the bed can hold 400 pounds.

Yeah. My wife mentored a startup that manufactures cardboard furniture. Corrugated cardboard can be made stronger than particle board or even most non-ply woods.

Those of us who grew up with The Whole Earth Catalogue can attest to the strength of various articles of furniture upcycled from corrugated cardboard.

but 400lbs sitting (or lying) there is not the same as 300lbs making bouncy-bouncy.

Didn’t say it was. I should have been more specific and said I was replying about the weight of the athletes only.

The beds story might be false, but they very much do want the athletes to not have sex:

As I said in another thread, they should just have cancelled the whole thing. No foreign visitors, no spectators at all, and no non-stop orgy in the Olympic Village? They’ve removed everything fun about the event.

Yeah, especially since a year ago, the Olympics were bragging that the cardboard beds definitely could stand up to sex.

Two female gymnasts weigh less than one male weight lifter.

And they wouldn’t need a condom, either.

Is this a new event?

I might actually expect some athletes to “go for the gold” with respect to breaking the bed. It seems like something to brag about. A very visual sign of someone’s virility and energetic nature in bed.

If the beds are so great how come I can’t buy one at Walmart?

It sounds like they are only for temp use.


How many eco cardboard beds to I have to buy over the lifetime of a non-eco wooden bed?

It’s the pre-Olympics silly season. In the few days before an Olympics thousands of journalists descend on the Olympic city and need to file stories, but there is typically not much to report upon.

One standard theme is that everything is terrible and nothing is ready and the Games are going to be a disaster. That makes a good headline, and pretty much always turns out to be total crap.

This “cardboard beds to prevent sex” story is pretty tame by pre-Olympics silly season stories.

The New York Times traced the story to a Twitter post by an American distance runner. I’m a little disappointed that so many news sites repeated the bullshit.

Olympic athletes have been having sex with each other at the games for almost three thousand years; a pandemic isn’t going to stop that.