Olympics: diving scoring

There’s been a lot of synchronized diving on, and I’m curious about the scoring. I found this old thread about it, but that’s not what I’m seeing in the scoring. From what NBC is showing, there are 6 “execution” scores (4 greyed out) and 5 “synchronization” scores (2 greyed out).

It appears that of the “execution” scores, they are indeed throwing out the highest and lowest, but then they seem to be throwing out the 2 middle scores as well. For example, on one of the dives the “execution” scores were [del]5.0[/del] 6.0 [del]7.0[/del] [del]8.0[/del] 8.5 [del]8.5[/del].

Can someone explain this to me?


Each diver gets execution scores, with the high and low for each diver discarded.