Olympics: Host Countries That Failed To Win

My wife asked me a question and a quick Google-fu didn’t get me anywhere. Basically this: what host country has done the worst in terms of winning events? So many medals are awarded and host countries are larger nations with some good support for their athletes so I’m sure no-one ever got shut out. But has someone posted a terrible series of results like 10 or less medals? Or some medals but not one gold?

If anyone has the figures handy I am quite curious myself.

Well, the Winter Games aren’t really relevant to my interests, but there have only been four times in the history of the Summer Games where the host country finished outside of the Top 10 in medal count: 1968 (Mexico City - 15th), 1976 (Montreal - 13th), 2004 (Athens - 17th) and 2016 (Rio de Janeiro - 13th).

So… going by the Summer Games, it would appear to be Greece.

Looks like Mexico in 1968 with 9 for total medal count, Canada in 1976 for rank (11 medals for #27). In the Winter Games, Switzerland won only 1 medal in 1928, a bronze, but that was still enough for #8.

I figured it would be one of the winter games. Less different events after all as well as less countries competing. The one that I had forgotten about before reading your post was Sarajevo on 1984 - for some reason it just sprang to mind. The host got one silver and ranked 14 of 17 countries that got some medal; but that was of I believe 49 countries sending athletes.

27? There weren’t 26 countries that won 11+ medals in Montreal.

Canada didn’t win any gold medals, so it comes after all the countries that did, even if they only got the one medal. At least using that method of ranking (I don’t think it’s official).

Who decided that?

IIRC the IOC publishes medal counts that way, but says it’s not a ranking.

They should host one in India. They go decades without gold sometimes.