Olympics: When You're Done Competing, Can You Go Home?

Kind of related, are athletes allowed to go watch other events, maybe in a special section of the stands or something? Regular Joes are paying big bucks for those tickets and I wouldn’t pass up that chance if I had it.

There is so much wrong with this it’s hard to know where to begin.

There have been stories in the media about the Olympics after party for decades.

Why would it be a secret or a surprise to anyone that a bunch of twenty-something athletes were getting it on?

The idea that there would be chaperones or rules about sex between consenting adults is beyond ridiculous. Chaperones? Seriously?

Even if they had them, since when have chaperones and rules stopped anyone from having sex?

The next Olympics will held in Rio. Sexually prudish is one of the very last things that I can imagine to describe the culture of Rio.

True. But there are some very young athletes. Female gymnast are often underage and some are below the age of consent. There I hope there are people watching them.

The gold medalist also returned home on Monday.

Not as publicly as they have been this year. This is probably the first time a lot of people have heard about this.

You aren’t aware that there are people who get upset over other people having sex? If so, I’d like to welcome you to the planet Earth.

Well some of those twenty-somethings are 15.

But yeah I’m surprised sex isn’t encouraged by the locals, with little holes poked in the all the free condoms. Spread them Olympian genes!

You aren’t aware that Planet Earth is more than certain parts of the US and, I suppose, some parts of the Muslim world? Almost all of the rest of world isn’t uptight about stuff like this. And what kind of chaperone is going to stop athletes, including marital artists and wrestlers, in the prime shape of their life from getting it on?

Nope, you haven’t convinced me the the IOC even considering chaperones isn’t one of the stupidest things I have ever read. You actually think that they are going to go from handing out tens of thousands of condoms to trying to stop all sexual activity in one cycle? I’ll take that bet.

tbf, I don’t think I’d ever want to leave - they’d have to carry me out chained to my bed (or someone elses …).

I remember a few years ago at the WINTER olympics…I’m going to say it was the Salt Lake City ones? Belarus made a surprisingly deep run, and their olympic committee had to buy new plane tickets for the team, because their original ones had them leaving before the semi-finals, which they had made it to!

I’ve been to Rio. They better double that condom dispersal!

Well put. The reason we hear more about sex nowadays is that it’s becoming more socially acceptable to acknowledge that sex happens.

Having chaperones for the minors who compete in the Olympics is one thing. Keeping consenting adults from having sex with each other on vacation is absurd.

You mean welcome to the united states.

Apart from the sex discussion…

Apparently, if conditions in your country really suck, you don’t go home.

Also, all alone ain’t much fun so you’d be looking for the thrill.

i don’t believe that is a good idea. there was a rather bad plane crash involving the us skating team. they don’t all go as a unit anymore.