omcatc.exe..any idea what this is?

Debij has found this on her computer. We can’t find anything at all on the net about it.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what it is?

No idea, but if you can email it to me as an attachment, I can see if I can disassemble it and get at least some idea of what it’s doing. Where is it on the computer, and is it being run as a process?

Do you know what directory it was found in?

It doesn’t show up on Google, so it’s a random filename. And the only reason to use a random filename is if you’re malware, either a virus or spyware. Go to for a virus scan and download or run Ad-Aware or Spybot S&D to cover the spyware angle.

Not necessarily. I’ve got quite a few small shareware or freeware utilities that I’ve picked up over the years, whose component files do not necessarily show up in an internet search. In any case, Debij has emailed me, and stated that the file doesn’t not show up using Find, it only shows up in the msconfig Startup list, so odds are whatever it was a part of has been uninstalled, but the Registry entry to launch it was never removed.

Out of left field, but Tomcat.exe gets many google hits,