Omelette suggestions wanted

I made my first omelette this week, the simplest possible: just egg folded around some shredded cheese. What else is good to wrap in an eggy blanket?

(Also, to be a purist, should all the other ingredients go in the center of the omelette, or is putting finely diced stuff in the egg itself permitted?)

Oh, wow. The question is rather…what isn’t good in an ommelette?

I like 'em with cheese, ham, mushrooms inside, onions and green peppers mixed with the eggs, and topped with chopped tomatoes and more cheese. :smiley:

I got it into my head in High School to take a ripe banana, slice it thinly along the vertical and fold an omlette’s worth of eggs around those slices.

My girlfriend at the time adored 'em. I used to make 'em for her on Saturday mornings. She dumped me for an R.O.T.C. fellow with a crewcut.
I haven’t had a banana omlette since. :dubious:

Try one. They’re very very tasty.


I’m quite an omelet affcionado myself, and I really enjoy sliced mushrooms, green peppers, and some swiss and cheddar cheese. Usually I wait and fold everything in, although sometimes with the mushrooms, or if I’m adding meats (cubed ham is great!) I’ll add it before the egg cooks fully, just to set it in place so it doesn’t roll around too much. I always save the cheese for just before I fold it, and dash a little dill over the top for a little extra oomph.

My omelettes generally consist of whatever I can find in the fridge. Sometimes I’ll use potato chunks, fresh diced tomatos, and salsa.

My favorite omelette is onion, bell pepper, green olive, mushroom, cheese, and ham with a little bit of sour cream. Delicious.

My favorite omelette:

Saute onions, garlic, crab (that fake stuff), portobello mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes. Make omelette with sauteed goodies and feta cheese. YUM.

Topping it with a green salsa is a nice touch!

My favorite isn’t quite an omelette, but a frittata, which is kind of omelette-like (or you may just call it a crustless quiche), but you don’t have to fold them. I use a skillet that can go into the oven, and on a medium heat on the stove, I dump some butter in, and saute some chopped asparagus, zucchini, and onion. I pour in about 4-5 beaten eggs, and sprinkle the top with a good handful of fresh grated parmesan. I immediately pop the thing in the oven and broil it for a few minutes, until the eggs are set. It makes a lovely breakfast for 2.

Other things I’ve loved in omelettes: bacon & spinach; avocado (added at the end, you don’t want to cook them); sauteed mushrooms; smoked salmon, chevre & chive… oh, the list goes on. :slight_smile:

Off to CS.

Maybe she liked what he did with his banana better. :smack:

We had some leftover grilled salmon in camp one morning and had run out of bacon, so we mixed the salmon (crumbled) in with the cheddar cheese for an omelette. Sounds weird, but we enjoyed it.

Some heathens put uncooked mushroom slices into omelettes. Fools, I say! Saute the mushroom slices in butter until the butter clarifies, and use those. Superb.

I wouldn’t mix anything into the stirred egg prior to the egg hitting the pan. I do like to spread the ingredients all around the egg once it’s in the pan.

I like to get creative with omlettes. Some of my favorites:

Steamed asparagus with mushroom & feta cheese. Leftover lemony creamed spinach and feta cheese. Fresh herbs, sliced tomatoes and feta cheese

Hmmm… there’s a pattern here. Gawd, I love feta! It just seems to be made for eating with fluffy eggs.

Oh, I almost forgot another one: Leftover steak from the grill, sliced thin with sauteed onions & mushrooms with goat cheese.

What everybody else said, plus…

You might try a little cream cheese in the omlette. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but my family likes it.

Seasoning: garlic powder, definitely. Also a touch of curry powder can be nice.

Mmm, omelettes. Try sauteed Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and mushrooms, with mozzarella cheese. Green onions on top, or fresh parsley. Fresh tomatoes are nice. Anything leftover is up for grabs at my house. I like to add diced potatoes in the saute, too.

The Rambler Scrambler is the ultimate omellette, they made them at an old 24 hr. greasy spoon called Ramblers that I used to go to after a night out.
This is not for the faint of heart and probably cannot be duplicated unless you have a restaurant size flattop grill.

6 eggs
a pound of homefries
half pound of sausage patties cut-up
Green peppers
6-7 slices of american cheese

Basically, the eggs are scrambled and poured onto the buttered grill and let cook as a very thin and very large omelette. The cheese slices are laid on the firmed omelette and all of the other ingredients are sauteed in a big pile and heaped into it’s cheesy egg blanket. They roll and fold it like a huge burrito and put it on a plate that can barely hold it. I think it was only like $4.50 at the time.

Some favorite combos, although as others have said, anything can go in an omelette…

Sauteed mushrooms (try some Portobello or crimini mushrooms sometime for extra wallop), sauteed onions or garlic, and just about any kind of cheese – and if you have it, a bit of fresh basil or rosemary

Roasted red peppers, sautéed onions, and goat cheese

Sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto

Spinach and feta

Sauteed mushrooms and pesto

Goat cheese and pesto

(Can you tell I like mushrooms?)

The first omelette I ever made was when I was about 9 years old…my sister and I were trying to do one better on Mother’s Day than the usual soggy Cheerios and cold toast, and we knew Mom liked omelettes, so we decided to give it a shot. Being the older sister, I was in charge, and decided that omelettes looked like scrambled eggs that someone had forgotten to scramble, so that should be our starting point. We peeked into the fridge for filling ideas, and there wasn’t much except some apples, so we made a sautéed apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar omelette. Not half bad, if I may say so, especially taking into consideration that if you combined our ages, we’d have just barely been legally employable.

If you are feeling decadent, sour cream or creme fraiche with caviar and/or smoked salmon is very nice.

Whisk garlic powder into the eggs. Fill with cheddar and green olives. Wooow.

These are the best. Also known in Spain as a ‘tortilla’.

I prefer to fry up some potatoes and Italian sausage (or chorizo) with some onions and peppers. Add the beaten eggs and cook until set on the stove, lifting the edges to allow the egg to run underneath.

When it’s set, cover the top with your preferred cheese (cheddar browns nicely), pop it under the broiler and watch it rise up and brown. Take it out of the oven and plunk the whole pan down on the table in front of your guests. The eye appeal is terrific and people love this dish. Cut it in wedges and serve.

Ricotta cheese and salsa. Ooo, I’m gonna have to make one for dinner tonight!