Omen Signs?

Okay, I know what a black cat means; I’m familiar with the whole full moon phenomenon. I’m sure there are many other omen signs, which aren’t exactly springing to mind.

But what the hell does this mean, if anything: I just saw a pigeon with a clubfoot.

It has to be a sign of something.

I can’t tell you exactly what it means for fear that it would send the whole board into a panic. All I can say is this:

Run, man, run! You’ve no time to lose!

It is a sign that you should not bet on this pigeon to win the 100-meter dash.

I think it’s just a sign that the pigeon was a punk-ass who tried to start some mess one too many times and got called on it. Or it’s a sign that it frequents a neighborhood full of hungry cats.

There’s a squirrel in my neighbourhood with no tail - I think I’m going to quit my job and take off for warmer parts to spend the remaining 10 days we have.