OMG I just caught a mouse!!!

Well I didn’t really catch it, more “got one mangled in a mouse trap”, and now I’m all skeeved out. :eek:

Half my basement has no ceiling, so there’s a ledge around the edge, and when the electrician replaced my panel back in, like, August, he said “You have mice”, I said “You sure? Crap” :frowning: and put two spring traps up there. I poked around a bit, but after a week or two, nada, so I guess I don’t have mice. :dubious:

Today I went downstairs with a big plastic bag I was planning to tape over the leakiest window, tripped over the vacuum hose, sized up the windows, then on the way back saw… something by the vacuum.
[li]Seems to be grey. [/li][li]Insulation? :confused: [/li][li]No… plus it’s on something. :confused: :confused: [/li][li]For some reason I thought ‘bat’, but that’s just stupid. :dubious: [/li][li]WTF is it? :confused: [/li]
[li]Then I realized that it was stuck on one of my mousetraps… :eek:[/li][li]and I mighta stepped on it stumbling over the vaccuum… :eek: :eek: [/li][li]and it’s a furry mouse with beady little eyes and a broken neck that got flipped off the ceiling joist!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: [/li][/ul]
So I carefully edged around it and went upstairs and said “bleagh!” a bunch. Now I wonder how he got in, and where he’s been all this time, and what he’s been eating, and where my least favourite work gloves are, and if there are any more, and whether the next time I go downstairs a newly mangled mouse is going to go flipping past my face in my other trap.

I wanna borrow the cat from my parents for a while. :frowning:

Don’t just stand there, wack it up into the air! Bat it around the room! Eat its tiny viscera!

No, what s/he needs to do is impale its body on a spike and set it up as a warning of what happens to mice who enter the realm of Nanoda.

Shouldn’t she be taking it by the scruff of its broken neck and laying it out artfully on the dining room table for other members of the family?

Ooo! Stuff it, put little LEDs in place of the eyes, and use it as a fridge magnet!

(The example I saw used a rat, but I guess it could work with a mouse.)

No, no, no…I INSIST that she make a Christmas ornament of it. Assuming that she celebrates Christmas, of course.

While my consternation may not reflect it, I regretfully assure you I am male. (Also regretfully, not feline, hence I shall be ignoring proper presentation / preparation techniques :p)

I am having dinner while I decide what to do; perhaps not the best idea given my clearly unsound constitution… I’m fairly sure that the evisceration, tanning and mounting of mice exceeds both my skill set and ‘ick’ level, and I can’t see that request going well at the taxidermists…

Not exactly Nimrod, are you, Nonoda? :stuck_out_tongue: Guess it’ll be a while before you’re ready to read Never Cry Wolf.

Oh I read it… back in high school… recommend it really, just not as an action plan. (Mr. Mowat there decided to test the wolf diet by eating mice. Was getting thin and missing lipids 'till he decided to eat their fatty little intestines too as I recall. Right up Shoshana’s alley there.)

Right, plastic bag and gloves obtained. The lying-in-state shall cease forthwith… those wishing to say a few words should do so now. The funeral procession will shortly be proceeding southwards past the sheds, turning east by the garage and ending in the 25 Gallon Memorial Cemetery (pickups every 2 weeks in winter).

Always happy to help.

Mousie, we hardly knew ye…

I don’t know, but if you persistently tend to find mice, you might as well hire a cat. If you have a dog, don’t assume that they can’t get along. When I discoverved that my house–otherwise pest-free–might have mice, I got a cat, that not only kept the dog in line, but promptly rounded up every mouse, and also other things like insects that found their way in. One morning at 5:00am he chased some kind of winged-insect into the bedroom, but eventuallhy hunted it down, and delivered it as proof of his salary.

The dog, on the other hand, constantly is “encountering” skunks and what not, to bad effect. He has to be de-skunked. He has no idea, but he’s fun. It’s strange the they’ve become such good friends. Or is it?

Or better yet, a snake.

I’m sorry that I called you “she” then.

I found a mouse in front of the refrigerator this evening, but it’s only one of the cats’ toys. We don’t have live mice in the house, so we must provide our cats with artificial mice. Otherwise, they start attacking US. They already attack each other.

Heh. I once had a mousetrap set in the corner of the living room. I popped out for some chinese, and when I came back 10 min later there was a freshly dead mouse in the trap, complete with little puddle of blood. I felt its glassy stare on me the whole time I was eating my noodles.

Served the little git right for glaring at me from the roofbeams while I was watching TV. Mice with attitude - who needs them?