OMG! I Just Saw Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Live at Montreux"!

If you were at the concert, I envy you!

I have always loved their music, and I am sure that seeing them on a DVD is nothing compared to seeing them live, but I mean damn, bruthas and sistahs! ! What a show! It’s a dynamo!

I rented that DVD from Netflix, but I am about to buy it for my own collection.

How did these three consummate musicians find each other, anyway???

And I am moving Mr. Carl Palmer to the top of my list of drummers! He replaces Steve Gadd, Louis Bellson, Buddy Rich and gene Krupa!


“Totally blown away” Quasi

I think you’ve given me a reason to, finally, buy a DVD player! I agree with you about Carl Palmer!

I think the order should be Krupa, Palmer, Rich. I’ve seen Emerson, Lake and Palmer in concert twice (Madison Square Garden), and the short-lived Emerson, Lake and Powell once (Meadowlands Arena). Also saw Palmer when he was with Asia.

Watching Keith …work… the organ during the finale, Rondo, is a wonder to behold.