OMG!!!! I'm the Village People!!

I realized something today that would have had me laughing if I wasn’t too busy crying. At some point in my life I’ve been almost every village person.

The Police Man – Back in '97 I graduated top of my class at the police academy, and I interned with both the city police department and a state agency. While finishing my Criminal Justice degree, I got a full time job with a special weapons and equipment supply company selling and demonstrating the latest machine guns and tactical gear and serving as a liason to special response personnel. While working an annual international SWAT competition, “The SWAT Round-Up”, I got two job offers. One was for a very small police department, and the other was for the Army. There were some Green Beret recruiters there who fed me the idea of joining Special Forces straight off the street. Become a Green Beret, serve your country as one of the elite, and then come back to work for whatever department you want! Not a bad idea I thought – The Army Man
A year and a half into training, I commit the biggest and greatest mistake of my life. DUI. I was removed from active duty and sent home to deal with legal issues and probation. I was told I could return in 1 year. Until then, I have to find somekind of employment. So after a month or so of trying to find a hospital to work at, I got a job working construction for my uncle – The Construction Worker. Pretty soon, my insurance will go through the roof. I will not be able to afford the insurance on my mustang. I’ve planned to sell it and buy a motorcyle, which doesn’t require insurance. So, in a couple months, I’ll be riding a Harley – The Biker

Now… when I thought about this earlier today, I was thinking there was a fireman and since I received national registry paramedic training in the Army, I almost had that one covered. But I just looked at a picture of them, and I noticed it’s a cowboy. Well, while still in the Army, I went to Arizona with a friend of mine and we both did a bull ride in an amature rodeo. I sucked ass, but I think that should cover The Cowboy.

The Indian Chief??? Well… I’m only 24, so there’s pleanty of time to be one of those.

That’s odd. I never asked , but I thought for sure you were a policeman based on your posts.

** 1! 2! 1234!!!

Well, young man, there’s no need to feel down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Trade that Harley for a classic Indian, and you’ve got it made…

You could get a job at the YMCA, too…

FTR, I graduated HIGH SCHOOL in 1997. Not the police academy. Don’t know where that came from.

There I was, successfully pretending the '70s never happened, and you have to come along and mess it all up.

Thanks a bunch, buddy.

Are you ready for the '80s,
Ready for the '80s,
Ready for the time of your life?

astro, I’ve gotten that before. I also get the “Bear’s a guy??”, and “I viewed you as more of a hairy guy in leather”. I post to a lot of GQ legal and law enforcement type questions. After 6 months in the academy and a year of internships and a CJ degree, I’ve become pretty knowlegable on the way things are done in Florida. I’ve done a fair share of chasing and tackling suspects, writing reports, and even went on a raid or two.
Most of my gun and tactical knowlege was gained while working for Tactical Equipment supply company. One requirement of demonstrating machine guns and other gear is that you are proficient with them. So I got to attend many armorer courses and other instructor courses. Not to mention play with really cool toys all the time. I also worked part time as a manager at a gun range for quite a while.

Damn… I’ve had a lot of jobs. I’ve also been a substitute teacher. That’s where I got all my street smarts. : D

Good point. I think all the Village People rode that Indian.

What worries me more than anything - is the fact that you know the Village People so well and/or the fact that you’ve had enough free time to figure this out… you really need to get out more… :stuck_out_tongue:

No way… I said I thought there was a fireman, didn’t I??

Besides… where could I go? :wink: Are you suggesting I take precious time away from the dolphins to play with :eek: people?

You could always go to the ** Y! M! C! A!**