OMG jetBlue

Given the state of manners in America, flight attendants need to be armed with a cattle prod and a whip.

I am not a big guy by any means, but even I noticed, and appreciated, the extra room in the seat.

Yep, a definite plus. How can you beat free movies, TV, and music, even on short-haul flights?

“Elite” flyers??!! Well then, they shouldn’t even need a plane. :slight_smile:

I like to listen occasionally to air traffic control live-feeds from airports around the USA. At some airports, the AT controllers always go, “Jet Blooooooooooooo!” in a happy tone when they communicate with JB flights*.

And, excepting for private planes, when a woman calls into the tower, she’s often a pilot or co-pilot for either JetBlue or Southwest Airlines.

Finally, I listened to a recording of the ATC communications** for that JetBlue flight that returned to Long Beach due to smoke. FWIW, while it was a serious situation, it was not an “OMFG we’re going to crash and die horribly” situation. What was funny to me–and no doubt frustrating to the ATC guy–was, on top of having to deal with the JB emergency, the ATC had to deal with a helicopter pilot whose English was very limited. ATC kept telling the chopper to land on Pad 3 and shut down his engines and the chopper pilot couldn’t understand that he wasn’t being allowed to continue with what he wanted to do because there was a fekking emergency at the airport. I wish I could tell you what, exactly the chopper pilot wanted, but I could not understand him. I LOLd (cuz nobody died, so I didn’t feel ghoulish. Well, not much.)

*Clearance and departure, but rarely approach.
**Clearance, departure and request for return.

Let’s try this again…
“And, when a woman calls into the tower from a commercial flight, she’s often a pilot or co-pilot for JetBlue or Southwest Airlines.”

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