OMG, OMG, best thing evar!! Keyboard cat was just on the Colbert Report!

Just wanted to be the first to celebrate the awesomeness of this occurrence! How great was that?

Now it’s stuck in my head!

Holy smokes!!! Teh Internet has invaded TV!!!

Both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are filled with ads for a new Comedy Central show that appears to be nothing but YouTube clips.

He wasn’t on the Report, he was on the Daily Show during the toss to Colbert. Stephen was nervous that Keyboard Cat was waiting for him to screw up.


The Soup beat The Daily Show to it, featuring keyboard cat on Friday’s episode.

Keyboard Cat always makes my day.

Just watched it on Hulu and was disappointed… it wasn’t on the Colbert Report, as noted above.


…With Keyboard Cat?

Them’s fighting words, someone is cruising for getting played off by Keyboard Cat themselves…:smiley:

I’m saying I was disappointed because keyboard cat was NOT on the Colbert Report, as the title of this thread would suggest.

Well it was the toss, which is kind of a grey area.

Since the toss happens before the closing credits of TDS, it is not a grey area. The OP’s title, out of unbridled enthusiasm (justly so), spread a pernicious falsehood that inevitably led to the great disappointment in question.

Play fast and loose with Keyboard Cat at your own peril!

Not when you watch it on Hulu, as I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha. As others said, he’s in the handoff. It’s also in the provided link.

WTF is keyboard cat?

:eek: Bow at the Glory of Keyboard Cat


God I can’t stop listening to that tune. The cat does the same thing in every video and yet for some reason I can’t stopping opening new videos.

Keyboard cat succeeds where hulu failed, the feline overlords will soon feast on your mushy brains!