OMIGOD! I just burped and a little vomit came up with it!

I’m completely disgusted. I was sitting here, drinking a beer and reading the dope and I burped…and a sizable amount of vomit just came up and splashed on my desk before me. I still have that acid-y vomit taste in my mouth. WTF!? I don’t feel sick or drunk at all. I never even felt as if I might vomit!

Maybe it because its been stupid hot and humid all week and I’ve spent most of it on the range in no shade. I drank a helluva lot of water. (I wear a camelback on the range and keep hydrated…but I also sweat a lot.) I dounno. Man that was sick. I gotta go clean this up.

That’s beyond a vurp. You just straight up vomited.

TMI dude.

Keep us posted! [obsessivley hits refresh]

What was TMI? That I had some vomit come out when I burped? That was basically the OPso I couldn’t avoid it. Sorry.

Or maybe the sweating part? I only said that to expalin why I drank so much water all day. Theres little to no shade on the range, and I was the ammo NCO. So I’m lifting heavy boxes of ammo and all in the hot sun. Naturally, I’m going to sweat a lot, especially with a helmet and body armor on. (which I didn’t have to wear most of the time, but there were instances when I had to sub for a safety on the firing line and fire the weapons myself.)

I didn’t mean to gross you out. Anyway, I just brushed my teeth, gargled and took a shower. I feel clean and better now.

You’ve never had that happen before?

This thread made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Not at all. It was strange. I posted because I was like “WTF? Where did that come from?”.

My mission is then complete. :slight_smile:

Just kidding.

Made it’s own “gravy” right in your mouth, didn’t it, JR?:smiley:

I think you might need to think about acid reflux, Dude. No shit.

I had an endoscopy done along with that thing they shove up your ass?

They found esophogeal lesions which I have since gotten rid of with Prilosec.

Take care of yourself, okay?


One time when I was a kid, I puked on the floor and the dog ate it.

True story.

That’s what I’ve been thinking. Some people just need to get out more.

Make sure to start a new thread every time some fluid comes out of your body, 'k?

Surely…I just had dental surgery a few days ago. It was prety painful, too. If you want details, PM me.

I believe this is a sign of very serious Doper-hood. Barfs. and posts about it BEFORE CLEANING IT UP.

I’d say “hats off” to you but I’m afraid to have an upturned hat around you! :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh…well, I had my hands on the keyboard when it happened.

If I wanted to gross people out for real I’d tell you what happened on the toilet this morning…:slight_smile:

As was I. Hey, I had it happen at a restaurant once, at a table with about 10 people. Not to the splashy extent, but it was not contained in my mouth. Fortunately everyone thought it was funny and nobody got all grossed out (except me).

This sounds more like regurgitation than vomiting to me. You KNOW when you’re just about to vomit. Vomit comes from the stomach, while regurgitated material comes from the esophagus.

[hits refresh again]

I once had a dry, persistant cough for a month when I was 12. One morning, I coughed so hard I puked up a small puddle of mini pancake vomit. My mother made me go to school anyway.

Just a quick question:

Do y’all not “read” (listen) to me anymore because you think that just because I have this friggin’ disease (AD), I don’t know what I’m talking about???

If so, then that would be a VERY WRONG ASSUMPTION, because not only did I WORK in the medical field and retain a LOT of what I learned, I actually had this stomach acid shit bubble up in my throat one night, and had I not sat up and gotten it out, I might have gone the way of Mama Cass or whomever those urban legends point out might have choked on their sandwiches when it might have been their own stomach contents!

Godammit! I am TRYING to be helpful!

(as much as I CAN be these days, anyway)

JR, this is your pal Quasi, okay?

Just make sure.

If I’m full of shit, I will be very GLAD to be full of it, and even wrap a bun around it, because I sure don’t want to lose a friend.