Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

No, them right-wingers and their hangers-on always use “we the people” no matter where in the sentence it appears. It is taken of course from the opening line of the Constitution, but has become a stock phrase with them.

Ee’d Plebnista!

Ah, that well known defining document of Canada… The United States Constitution.

I thought it was The Uniform Commercial Code.

You know, I never parsed out how they got that from the Preamble. ‘E’ from ‘We’? ‘e’d’ from ‘United’? 'Ple from ‘[peo]ple’? And the rest…?

The ink got smeared, really badly. Have you seen it? It is all but entirely illegible chickscratch on a good day.

Really? Look at these three words written larger than the rest, with a special pride never written before or since.

It’s all fun and games until she decides that her followers need to murder others ala the Manson gang, or kill themselves ala Heaven’s Gate.

Then it will be “how could this have happened?” and “Nobody could have foreseen this.”

These people are following the orders of a mentally ill, potentially dangerous person. And I mean that, not in a pejorative sense, but in an accurately descriptive sense.

Tech firms are selling the locations of people who have used abortion clinics, and, until recently, were selling their addresses.

Aside from the despicable ethics, how is it not massively illegal to be doing this with data that is medical histories? Is there some loophole that legislation only applies to the medical providers, and not third parties that somehow obtain access to the information?

It sounds like the firms are selling information like, “Person X stayed at the Planned Parenthood for two hours, then went to this address, which we think the live at.”

All of that is publicly available information, therefore legal to sell. Did person X have an abortion or a breast exam? Who knows? but these evil sons of bitches are gonna sell the information to the Stasi anyhow.

Brief hijack: for any who are interested, John Oliver covered data brokers for an episode of “Last Week Tonight:”

The TL;DR is: it’s amazing what info can be gleaned about you, legally, and is sold every single day.

If you haven’t done so already, I recommend reviewing which apps on your smartphone are allowed access to location data. I’ve reduced the number to only a very, very few.

Yes, and I’m not happy about a recent change on my Samsung phone which forces location permission for “Device Services”. It’s obviously something to do with Samsung rather than some malicious third party app, but I’m still not happy that it’s not transparent what it’s doing, nor why you cannot turn off the location permission.

It only takes one, and it could be one you would be very hard put to do without. For example, Google maps needs to know where I am to function. I have it set to have access to my location only when I am using it, and I make sure to close the app when I am done. I’m considering changing it to “ask every time.”

Remember the People’s Grand High Glorious Freedumb Convoy?

Well, things have been going badly for them (yes, even more badly than last time they made the news…):

The livestreams of the people’s truckers convoy is insane. Leaders have run off in a luxury RV with the money, the food, and at least some of the TENTS. The convoy is calling for BLOOD. #PeoplesConvoy

Have they considered driving to Moscow to demand that Putin restore their funding?

So the leaders grifted the convoy. Imagine my shock.

(Bold added.) I believe this is so. Do we have a leegle beegle here who can comment more authoritatively?

ETA: That is entirely apart from @Maus_Magill 's remark that the information is public to begin with and anyone can do anything with that.

It is not public information to the extent that you or I or anyone can casually look someone up and find out where they are right now if that person is not already making that information available to whomever. And finding out where she has been tarrying, for how long, closes in on stalker territory. In some jurisdictions, stalking is illegal.