Florida is Officially Fucked

Avoid Florida like the plague:

Not only were all current restrictions lifted, Governor Rat Bastard created new ones that actively promotes the spreading of Covid-19:

“Local governments can put their own restrictions in place as long as they don’t limit restaurant seating to less than 50% occupancy. Local officials will be required to justify restrictions that limit a restaurant’s occupancy to less than 100% capacity.”

And to add the cherry on this urinal cake:

“Despite the state’s fluctuating positivity rate, DeSantis has said Florida plans to move forward with hosting “a full Super Bowl” in Tampa in February.”

Gee, WTF is wrong with the Europeans? :roll_eyes:

Maybe DeSantis can explain.

DeSantis is actively killing members of his constituency.

My guess is an overabundance of brain cells, a problem the United States seems to have solved.

Yep, and Florida bars are open now as well. Which only makes sense, because it’s been definitively proven that drunken yoyos spraying droplets of spittle everywhere, as they yell over the loud music into each others’ faces, has nothing to do with transmission of the virus.

He wants to kill off all those red seniors to make FL go blue.

This has been good advice for the last 3 decades.

Qualification: this is true, but only if said drunken yoyos have taken the sensible precaution of injecting themselves with Clorox bleach.

I have a lot of family in Tampa. Luckily, they are actually sensible and will continue to take precautions. But I still worry for my Tia who already has health issues.

So, Tampa won the Stanley Cup last night. Congratulations to them for that and my condolences for the fans you are going to lose. The video of the celebrations with zero social distancing and no visible masks are going to turn a giant party into a giant superspreader event.

Florida cases of coronavirus have been decreasing for over a month, and schools have been opened without a massive increase in cases or deaths. They are not the hotbed they were a couple months ago. If they continue to observe recommendations about social distancing, masks, hand-washing, etc., it is completely possible that a complete re-opening will be tolerable.

On the other hand, it’s fucking Florida. I have little to no faith that they will actually follow the recommendations. It will be interesting to see what happens.

My sister and family live in Florida, so I’m concerned for them.

My sister may have already been sick with Covid way back in late March-- she went to the ER with a bad cough and a fever, and they sent her home saying she most likely had the flu, it didn’t ‘present’ like Covid. But they didn’t know much about Covid yet back then. Didn’t even test her. She ended up back in the hospital several days later with pneumonia and a 103-104 degree fever. They finally tested her for Covid over a week after her first symptoms and she was negative, but I’ve heard that tests often register a false negative unless they’re given soon after symptoms show up. She fully recovered after 2-3 weeks.

Florida… maaaahn. :roll_eyes:

Who was it that described Florida like someone lifting the country up by the upper two corners and giving it a good shake so all the fucking idiots settle at the bottom.

My parents are snowbirds in Naples and have repeatedly extended their stay due to the risks of traveling during the pandemic, but I’m wondering if it might really be safer for them to come back to Ohio.

As an unfortunate resident of the nation’s wang, I can tell you it really is that bad. Places like the grocery store and other retailers are still asking people to social distance and wear masks and from what I’ve seen, that’s still happening. But those are people going about their business and not drunken idiots. I’m just doubly glad I don’t live in Tampa. Not a place I go to much anyway but you couldn’t pay me to go there the week of Superblow (intentional typo). And yes, Florida has been fucked for a lonnnng time.

The news isn’t all bad:

[O]fficials of Southwest Florida’s three local governments with mask mandates said Monday that their requirements will continue until further notice.

Leave it to a Trump sycophant to cave to these nuts.

Dee Snider is not amused.

I have a friend from college who lives just south of Miami. A reptile ate her dog right in her own back yard. No thanks, this northern girl will stay right here where our winters prevent the proliferation of many of the things that sting and crawl and fly and bite. :anguished: