Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

Some “we’re not sovereign citizens!” thought it would be a good idea to cluster on the shoulder of I-95 in Massachusetts to deal with one of their disabled vehicles while toting their long guns in plain sight.

“As specified multiple times to the police that we are abiding by the peaceful journey laws of the United States.”

They are sovereign citizens despite their protests.

Got a grudge against social media*? Drive into a wall on government property!

*My source for “grudge against social media” is the local 7 o’clock news.

The United States abandoned Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan in the middle of the night, turning off the power behind them. One small problem: They didn’t tell the incoming Afghani commander that they were leaving. This gave time for Afghani civilians to break in and ransack the base.

The chase really took it out of her.

And I thought McDonald’s was fast food


Of course, Florida man strikes again.

And, just in case you doubt he really is Florida Man, I found a mugshot.

Is that how they do mugshots in Florida? It’s posed like a high school yearbook phot-- okay, never mind.

Jeff Fahey? Is that you?

I’m actually surprised paranoid nutjobs don’t shoot down drones more often.

Wait till ground based delivery bots start becoming more ubiquitous. Enraged vandalism will be the norm for a while.

I don’t see a popped collar on that polo…

Not to mention the delivery bots that will come back at the end of the day covered with graffiti – like railroad cars.

Sounds like a job for Mark Rober – passive security features for delivery robots/drones :wink:

I think the humidity makes it wilt.

It wasn’t as humid in NY when Bannon had to get his mugshot:

Ugliest flower EVER.

Gin blossoms are not known for their beauty.


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