Omnibus Stupid MFers in the news thread

I hope the scriptwriters write him out of the story by having his character die of a disease that he refused to get vaccinated for, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Oh, you didn’t hear? Died of covid. Very sad. Yeah, we skipped the funeral. He was an ass."

A tunnel fell on him.

And this person over 70.

An ex-husband went to his ex-wife’s home to pick his son up. The son wasn’t there but the ex-wife’s boyfriend was… with his gun. Dad dies, boyfriend has not been charged… his soon to be ex-wife is a Judge in the county. has the video.
No charges against married man who fatally shot his mistress’ ex-husband (Video) | Sandra Rose has the background.

When the gun is fired one would think it was a BB gun or an airsoft rifle but it was a real gun that really killed Chad Read.

Why Kyle Carruth wasn’t and hasn’t been arrested is very disturbing. I hope with this being in the news Read’s family sees some justice.

I would think this doesn’t belong in this thread, but rather this thread.

13 year old making a video for social media shoots and kills 5 year old.

Yeah, probably. It was so new I just couldn’t see to put it under the “justice didn’t prevail” because I kinda hoped justice would/will. The boyfriend is obviously a MF… the ex-wife from the video (no reaction) is one too. I give the current wife a “buy” for not getting upset/screaming because I did not realize those shots were from a real gun. Hubby, kids and friends all shoot… long guns and handguns, Even the .22 rabbit rifles sounded louder than when the guy was shot at (his foot area and then his body).

I’ve been keeping watch and now it’s down to “Castle Doctrine” which makes no sense since it was the ex-wife’s place, not the boyfriend’s:

James Beeks, the Broadway actor who was arrested for his part in the 1/6 attack, went all SovCit in the court and almost got himself thrown into prison for refusing to recognize the right of the court to try him. When his appointed attorney (whom he initially tried to fire because he was a Sovereign Citizen and didn’t need an appointed attorney) convinced him to knock it off, the judge allowed him to be released with an ankle monitor, but he was still in Milwaukee, where he was arrested while on tour, and the federal marshals had confiscated his car, so the judge ordered the marshals to give him back his keys so that he can drive back to his home in Florida where he will be under house arrest.

So the guy playing Judas claims “divine authority” to represent himself.

How does Jesus Christ Superstar show go on without Judas? They must have an alternate to play the part?

Even touring companies have understudies. Often they’re actors playing lesser roles, and there’s then an upward shuffle until basically there’s one less person in the chorus for the duration.

This is where we find out it was all a ploy by the understudy to get the part.

Can’t they just rewrite the source material so that Mary Magdalene betrays Jesus?

I hear Yvonne Elliman can do the arched eyebrow/shifty eye thing… bet she’s available.

There’s a bus shelter outside the medical building where I go. Came out to catch the bus home and there were about ten fliers posted in it. One about Waukesha and others all saying White Lives Matter.

It would be fun to toss those in the trash.

Someone planted a “needle device” in the handle of a gas pump in suburban Chicago. Ouchie! Take a close look at the handle before squeezing anymore, I guess.

That’s nothing new, unfortunately. Over 20 years ago there was a hoax about people getting infected with HIV by needles attached to fuel pump handles:

Then in 2017 someone really was poked with a needle on a pump, no doubt inspired by the old hoax:

This seems like yet another copycat.

Or maybe real this time!!! GAH! Syphoning gas from now on ‘cause it’s safer!! :grin:

relocating to stupid Republican idea thread

This post should win the thread, thanks to this headline:

Kayleigh McEnany says she didn’t lie in the White House briefing room because she went to Oxford, Harvard, and Georgetown and is a Christian

Still, no bottom.
Unglued idiocy, sure.