Omnibus Trolls R Us Thread

A silent banning without announcement in ATMB also indicates a sock.

Here’s an alleged lawyer asking a bunch of non-lawyers for legal opinions.

Wanna bet it’s a case he has?

And he’s representing himself?

Crowd-lawyerin’? I guess it’s a thing.

“Your honor? If I may, I would like to enter into the record the sworn statements of 20 or 30 random schmoes on the Internet…”

Poor acey. Icebreaker? He doesn’t realize that people were friendly and kind toward him after that “riddle” because they realized he’s special.

I thought we were experts. :mad:

So what do we think of Contemplation? Has started 116 threads (out of 241 total posts) with the bulk of them about human muscles, fat, hair, skin, and faces.

Nothing about the bellybutton? :wink:

Every once in a while I notice a really, really stupid thread. And then I notice who the thread starter is. “Ah”, I say, and move on.

The same comment applies to Machinaforce, whose existential angst appears to be unbounded.

He’s not self-centered.

Nor introspective.

Aside: for quite a while, I amused my four year old by feigning surprise and concern and telling her, “There’s a hole in your tummy!” She’d invariably laugh and reply, “That’s not a hole! It’s my belly button!”

At a party, a friend asked us to guess what he had in common with Jeff Goldblum. Turns out they were in Highschool together (Taylor Allderdice in Pittsburgh).

I then asked people to guess what I had in common with the biblical Adam and Eve. After dozens of incorrect guesses, everyone gave up. “No belly button” I explained. For an hour or more an argument ensued. “Everyone has one”, “Was it removed surgically?”, “Part of a hernia problem?”, etc, etc.

I insisted I’d been born without one. Finally, someone asked the obvious, “well, show us!”

I’d been looking for an exit. I acted insulted, glared at him and said, “you’re calling me a liar!?” and left. :smiley:

I knew a kid without a belly button. Apparently he was born placenta first and his umbilical was damaged. Had to have surgery right after birth. It was miracle he lived. I guess. Unfortunately he died while still in school, he ran after a basketball in the street and was hit by a car. Sad, but true.

Bolding mine. Right up until that I was expecting a punchline.

I think he should change his nick to Oxy-moron. It would be more apt than his current name.

Although I suppose it is possible he does a lot of contemplation, but is just shit at it.

I wouldn’t joke about a senseless loss of a basketball, I mean human being.

Why wasn’t Hurricane Ditka warned for this thread on Trump’s “new slogan”? Completely blatant trolling.

Now I feel bad for laughing.