Omnibus World Football Thread 2020-2022 (edited)

And if not, they have Neuer.

His first save was brilliant. He has to be MotM thus far.

PSG losing their discipline. Cant blame them. What a brilliant smothering performance by Bayern.

They looked a bit weak in the defense in the last matches, but today they are rock solid.

Offside but freaking Neuer is at the top of his game.

He’s a monster.

Absolutely a deserved win for Bayern. They were the better team in the final, and by far the best team in the whole championship.

Well deserved Bayern. You played a perfect match. :beers:

Agreed. Now back to the new season in 3 weeks. :upside_down_face:

With Borussia Mönchengladbach, my team, in the CL!

Best of luck in 20/21! Can anyone challenge Bayern for the title? Dortmund have several very young brilliant attacking players. But again the question will be in the back.

I don’t see a chance for any serious challenge to Bayern in the Bundesliga. Maybe the BVB, maybe Leipzig, but I don’t see those teams capable to beat Bayern in a 34 games season.

I agree. We can hope that Bayern will let their success go to their heads and not p[lay to the best of their ability. But they have to be the best club in the world at the moment.

I concur. At the moment, Bayern are on top of the world. We’ll have to see if they and Flick will be able to keep that momentum for longer.

Oh would you two get a room. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I agree, as do former fans.

I wish we could all get an Octoberfest room if only Covid would allow us. :slight_smile:

If you have ESPN+ this is an excellent doc about the 1950 Brazil GK who was blamed for the loss to Uruguay. Its first class work.

For a Canadian like me it’s sure fun to see Davies play so well and go so far. Watching these last few matches, it feels like he could get us through Concacaf WC qualifying by himself. Although, going from Bayern to the Canadian national team is a slight drop off in level. :slight_smile: Something similar for Pulisic in the States, I suppose.

As an American I root for Canada to make the WC. This is the reverse of the hockey universe. :slight_smile:

Messi tells Barca he wants out. Who can afford his wages?