Omnibus World Football Thread 2020-2022 (edited)

Im starting this now because my favorite club, Borussia Dortmund is already playing their second friendly and looks offensively spectacular (2 straight friendlies scoring eight+ goals). There are so many amazing storylines:

Can Man City rebiund and reclaim the title? Can Guardiola not overcoach and lose a CL quarterfinal?

What to do about the Barcelona disgrace? Covid means little money is available for transfers and who wants to buy overpriced under performing veteran players? Will Messi force a move to Man City?

Will CR17 remain at Juventus?

Will the USA perform well in World Cup qualifying?

Will Qatar be able to host the 2022 WC?

So much to look forward to this upcoming season.

Liverpool fans keeping it classy as usual.

I would not want to be Barca at this point in time. Is it even possible to rebuild the club to play the kind of style it has for a decade or more? Are those players even out there? Is that style even feasible now?

I don’t even think the Real Madrid model is available to them anymore, at least in a way that will allow them to dominate. Compete at the top, yes, but there a few clubs right now who can swing a checkbook along with everyone else and that means a rough parity at the very top (while completely outdistancing every club not in that select group).

Barca rant over. Bayern is playing amazing futbol right now, motoring around the pitch at a speed that no one else feels comfortable at.

I too think we’re in for a really interesting 20-21 season.

WIith the CL final starting in about an hour, I was looking for a thread to comment in and found this the best. So what do you all think, what’s the favorite team? Though Bayern has been most impressive team after the restart of the season, I think PSG is an adequate team with wonderful players and an ambitious, almost obstinate coach. I’m wondering how much tactics will play a role and if Tuchel will come up with a special tactic against the machine that is Bayern this season. I don’t think Bayern will change much tactically, why should they, after winning 20 matches in a row with that style.

I think Bayern should win comfortably but…remember the 14 World Cup when Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the semis and then struggled to eek out a 1-0 win against Argentina a couple minutes before PKs? Bayern should be confident but play disciplined. Sure PSG has Mbappe and Neymar but they are also starting a 35 year old CB against Bayerns high powered offense. Cant wait for this. I also love the CL anthem. Gives me goosebumps every time.

Neuer…you earned your whole years salary right there. :+1:

Boateng injured and subbed

Balanced game so far, with good chances on both sides. I don’t think Süle subbing for Boateng will make much of a difference, they are quite equal types of players.

I think PSG are pushing the action. If Bayern can hold them off in the 1st half I think they will win.

Do you think physical fitness will play a role? Bayern seem to have an advantage there, having played the Bundesliga to the finish and thus being well practiced, with some weeks of regeneration before the CL tournament. PSG started from scratch after Ligue 1 got cancelled.

It should but in one match anything can happen. Bayern do seem better overall. Lewandowski 55 goals in 55 matches this season. Amazing. I wish Dortmund had paid him. :frowning:

Did they do the water break and I missed it?

Was a water break announced? I haven’t noticed one.

I thought they were doing one for all matches. They even did them for the two Dortmund friendlies I watched last week. Im fine without them though.

Great half of football! Cant wait for the second half.

Goal Bayern. Its gonna be hard for PSG to get back into this match.

A Parisian scores…for the “wrong” team.


This is a great match. The time is melting away so quickly.

I can’t quite understand why Flick subbed Coman. He was Bayern’s best forward so far.

You were right. Bayern is just dominating this match. Neymar and Mbappe are invisible.