Champions League 13/14

Post your predictions, comments, root for your favorite players & teams. Predict ourcomes & generally make a fool of yourself – as most of us end-up doing.

Qualifing groups:









Alright, that said, I’ll be the first fool – the 1-6 pasting of Galaterassay in group “B” was the days’s news. And since we don’t have have world-record signing Gareth fully into the line-up yet, this might just be the year we finally get “La Decima.” Screw Neymar “The Wimp.” I see him as another Robinho. Bale’s The Man, right after THE MAN, Ronaldo.

Biggest rivals? The usual, Barça, Bayern & Dormut – along AC Milan, PS Germain & possibly a sick playoff between Mourinho & Madrid. Wich I’d simply LOVE. Hate the former and what he did to our club.

Anyone else have a chance?

Let’s roll!

Pobre Iker Casillas, Ancelotti finally gives him a start and then he has to go off injured again before 15 minutes have passed. Just like last year, right down to being whacked by a teammate. Guy just hasn’t had any luck at all.

As a Bayern supporter, I was a bit nervous going into today’s match because the team just hasn’t looked entirely inspired or comfortable with this new 4-1-4-1, and they keep having to move Lahm to holding midfielder which puts the dubious Rafinha at RB, but it worked very well today. Maybe Matthias Sammer’s angry rant over the weekend had an impact.

Arsenal fan here - man, group F looks very hard. Dortmund and Napoli are both off to great starts in their leagues and Marseille is no slouch. No Cazorla for at least the first two group games hurts.

Of course having Ozil helps a lot, and Aaron Ramsey is top of his from to start the year. Today’s match will show a lot - if Arsenal is going to be a threat to win the group they have to beat Marseille, and at least get a result if they want to compete for second.