Misread thread titles

What is this beautiful building in Indiana?

It’s a grain silo.

Not a thread title, but driving around I saw a big sign on a building: HO WITH A VIEW!
Upon closer approach it, that O was actually a Q.


Also not a thread title, but I once saw a McDonald’s sign advertising: “The difference is in the lawyers!”

Mmm, tasty.

Turned out it really read: “The difference is in the layers.” Big Mac, evidently.

Today I read a Miss Manners letter as “I am a middle-age school boy” instead of “I am a middle school-age boy”.

Driving a car while wearing a hard clerical collar

Ominous World Football Thread 2020-2022 (edited)

Papaya, privacy concerns and

There’s too much amazing Sci-Fi

Well, try some Astounding, or Analog, or Asimov’s.

I went to the cannibal store today.

They charged me an arm and a leg.

Which Peanut Winning MLB …

Earliest sodas in pop songs

The Donald Trump 2024 Campaign Threat

I’m not sure that’s a misreading …

Seriously, Tigger - a tampon?

Is it perfectly possible to lie like people did in the 50’s and 60’s

“The Soviet Union has started WWIII. Run for the shelters!!” “Ha ha, just kidding.”

It’s what gives him that spring in his step.

Their tops are made of rubbers.

How do I help make it a federal law to not shoot crows or Covid

A question about “Pleading the Filth”

I’ll vacuum and do the dishes tomorrow, I swear.

Life imitates the Dope.