Omnipresent too!

Well, maybe not omnipresent, but bipresent. Im spending the 23rd-26th in Buffalo with relatives who I don’t particularly have any interest in being around. Is there anything to do in Buffalo? I’ll probably go see a frozen Niagra Falls, and enter Canada on principle, but are there any not so well known, but must sees in that frozen armpit of a city?

The butterfly observatory is nice, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Is Kleinhans Music Hall still around?

The bar/restaurant where they first served buffalo wings? (Don’t know the name.)

If you get as far as Niagara Falls and wander into the Frozen North, there is a lot of tourist-oriented stuff on the left bank of the Niagara, especially up at Niagara-on-the-Lake.

My visits to Buffalo were pretty much confined to the ore docks at the Bethlehem Steel plant. (I doubt that it has become more attractive in the last 28 years.)


Actually, aside from the Falls (which really are spectacular) and the local sports teams (did I mention the Falls are really spectacular?) there really is not a lot of major tourist attractions in the Buffalo area. A day trip to Toronto or Rochester would bring you to some better attractions, but I’m assuming you’re not planning on any major travels while visiting family. If the rapture of Christmas at Grandma’s gets too intense, Niagara Falls, Canada does have the Casino Niagara (if you enjoy gambling) and Sundowner’s (if you enjoy the “ballet”).

To add to what Tom wrote, the original wings place is the Anchor Bar, which I believe is on Main.