Omnivores - Your Go To Vegetarian Dish?

Title says it all - for those of you who eat everything, what is your favorite vegetarian dish?

A long while back I started planning 1 vegetarian dish per week. I did so because I have a true love for animals, but was raised on meat. I don’t think I could go full vegetarian, and I would never go vegan, but I can sacrifice a meal a week. I am also very meticulous about saving meat. I always buy fresh, try for free range and humanitarian farming. I buy big packs, split them up into 4oz meal portions and freeze them. Really the only food I throw out is plant scraps and the occasional unripened fruit.

Some days, when I feel like the world is getting so crowded, I look at my dogs and imagine a day that they too would be on someone’s plate because perhaps one day that is all that will be left. So I buckle down and say FINE! I’ll have TWO meals a week, now I’m doubling my impact! :smiley:

My current favorite dish:

Eggplant Parm

In my opinion, eggplant is not a food. It is completely inedible. If I want to go meatless I choose some form of beans. Today it was a bean and cheese burrito with sour cream. I know some would say I am imprisoning those cows and stealing their milk, but alas, I can’t give up dairy. At least the cow lives through it.

Veggie lasagna – the kind with white sauce/ricotta and not red sauce.

Or pasta alfredo.

My favorite would be pieroghis. But there are plenty of options: Most pasta dishes do just fine without meat, for instance.


Or the kind with red sauce, too. There’s nothing that says that red lasagna must contain meat, nor that white lasagna must be vegetarian.

To each his own. I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve never found a vegetable that I didn’t like (except for beets), and eggplant ties with spinach for my favorite. Eggplant parmigiana is my personal favorite dish, but my specialty is a vegetarian chili using shredded homemade seitaninstead of beef. Seitan is a meat substitute that’s easy to make and high in protein and B vitamins, but being made of wheat gluten, is out of the question if you have celiac disease or a wheat allergy.

Note on the seitan recipe I linked to above: If I’m making it for chili, I use cayenne pepper or paprika in place of the ginger. I also like to add a shot of tomato paste for color, and a few drops of liquid smoke for flavor.


If you mean cooked food, then lima beans.

If you mean an actual recipe, it would probably be stuffed mushrooms or eggplant parm.

Spinach and cheese quesadillas

Spinach lasagna

Spinach and artichoke dip

Sensing a theme?


Black bean chili. Spicy and delicious.

Mac & cheese.





I’ve also learned that falafel seasoned generously with Old Bay Seasoning and served with tartar sauce makes pretty darn good mock crab cakes.

A “garbage” stir fry with chickpeas instead of meat, or tofu instead of meat and whatever suitable vegetables I have in the fridge.

Potato and leek soup (we had that for lunch today!)

Noodles and vegetables in homemade dashi broth

Mac and cheese

Hummus and pita bread with vegetables or fruit on the side

Big Salad with bread topped with butter, cheese, or olive oil

Baked potato with salad or fruit

Roll stuffed with spinach and cheese.

My spouse likes red beans and rice, or refried beans on crackers or taco shell, again additional vegetables or salad might be added.

Yep, I was going to say beans and rice. Easy to make at home.

Snack: hummus and pita chips.

Restaurant: falafel (served gyros-style, slathered with tzatziki).

Pizza–vegetarian toppings abound.

As others have said mac and cheese. I’ve always loved it.

I make what I call Vegan Succotash, although I don’t think it is really. But it’s spicy, beany, hearty, and vegan. I freeze it up and add it to stews or eat it as it, OR add sausage to it. Good over rice, alone, or in a burrito shell.
Chips and salsa is totally a meal at my house, too!

I’ve been eating a lentil stew recently. I add some Worcestershire sauce as well.

I make tacos with tofu crumbles. And I used to stir fry tofu cubes with apples, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and some other stuff, in teriyaki sauce.

Tarka dal and rice.

Succotash is just beans and corn. It’s already vegan.

Lasagne w/meatless tomato sauce

A close second is straightforward macaroni & cheese, followed by spaghetti w/the aforementioned meatless sauce