On 9-11 what parts of Manhattan were Closed?

For a bit of writing I am doing, I need to know what street was used in Manhattan to mark the no-go area. Also, how long was this enforced?

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According to this, everything south of Canal Street.

Actually, they were only allowing residents south of 14th.

IIRC the route into and out of the island for the public were closed (bridges, tunnels for cars and rail systems.)

I believe it was originally Canal Street, then changed to 14th. That’s why there were so many memorials, photos of the missing, and prayer services in Union Square (where Broadway crosses 14th Street).

Other way around. Everything south of 14th Street was locked down by the NYPD very soon after the attacks. Only residents and emergency vehicles were permitted to enter. All inbound bridges and tunnels were closed and the city encouraged everyone who didn’t live in Manhattan to GTFO. Subways and trains ran service outbound only for the rest of the day.

The boundary was moved down to Canal Street in the next day or two, with the NY National Guard taking over the perimeter.

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Wasn’t road traffic completely shut down, both inbound and outbound? ISTR thousands of people had to walk home, across the bridges to the outlying boroughs. (Or maybe I’m thinking of the blackout…)

People did walk over bridges to Brooklyn, but I believe that was due to Lower Manhattan subways needing to be shut down due to potential/actual damage. And the downtown bridges are within the restricted area, so no bus service either. I’m not sure what happened further uptown, like for people headed to Queens or Bronx/Westchester. People going to New Jersey took ferries; they were running nonstop all day.