On “crime and punishment “

Ok. I get there is some octopus fatigue. Maybe rightfully so, but I have an idea partially but not completely inspired by the Starving Artist bad.

Perhaps the deliberations involved with bannings or suspensions are actually counterproductive. Since the sanction is felt to be relatively harsh borderline cases sometimes aren’t dealt with and the time it takes to go through a penalty progression may cause others to felt like their concerns aren’t taken seriously.

My proposal is a quicker trigger finger on suspension. And make them a week or a month or so. Give people a chance to cool down. It gives people a chance to reflect. It stops fights before they get way too serious. Furthermore, with quicker and longer suspensions you might not need to ban as often.

A few days ago when I was annoyed with a particular conversation I probably could have used, rightly or wrongly, a quick 1 week suspension. No warning, no mark on the permanent record, no topic ban. Just a “shut up, octopus, take a 1 week break. Do some housework and play with your kids” might have done me some good lol.

Anyways, just a thought.

You don’t need the mods for that. Just spray a cloud of noxious ink and jet.

The same length they are now…I think you’re on to something there!

CMC fnord!

I think if you read and respond to the whole post instead of joining LHoD in an attempt to make this comedy hour you’d see that it’s nowhere near the same. But you knew that.

Oh, I did! It sounds like you don’t want mods, you want parents. Someone to give you a time out so you don’t have to be the one that moderates your behavior. And this “No warning, no mark on the permanent record, no topic ban.” so that these ‘go sit in the corners’ are meaningless and you can be free to come back after and not have changed your behavior, consequence free.

That ain’t how this works.

CMC fnord!

Wrong. It’s a proposal for more flexibility for the mods so they can act much quicker. You can still get warnings. You can still get bans. But a quicker ability to suspend without it being a serious mark does many things. Which I’ve already mentioned in the OP. :rolleyes:

We track suspensions too. Just saying.

I know that.

Maybe the premise is dumb or too subtle. I just think that the severity of the punishment can lead to too much reluctance and that more granularity and speed, especially if the summary suspension wasn’t considered as serious as a warning then suspension, would lead to a better overall outcome for all considered.

I think he is proposing a new type of suspension - a time out, if you will - that is not tracked. For those times when one is being an ass, but shouldn’t get a suspension.

Isn’t the ‘don’t be a jerk’ rule sustainable in a a Jerk-suspension, kinda thing? If you have no filter, for whatever reason ( drunk, ill, mad at the world) the mods could come in and say, “you’re being a jerk, get lost for 24, 36, or 48 hours” or any arbitrary time. It could save face for some posters and provide a cool-down period for everyone. Seems to me, anyway.

Like crowmanyclouds has said. He can already do that himself.

Some peeps just cannot shut-up ;). I am like that, funny enough, just on this board. I am really very quiet IRL. Luckily, I am extremely nice. So no one minds very much:). ( You know it’s true)

Exactly. You and sunny daze are getting it and not just here to be snarky. Thank you.

It’s a fine suggestion. There are many tools in the toolbox, and temporary suspensions (typically 3 days) are one of those tools.

Isn’t that what the mods’ “throat-clearing” posts are for? When they don’t give us a warning but admonish us informally to dial it back?

ISTM that grownups should be able to obey that instruction without the added discipline of being insta-suspended. If one can’t ease up on being an ass when a mod specifically tells one to, unless one’s posting privileges are temporarily removed, then maybe one needs to think about one’s choices, yeah?

I think it’s a good idea. I know I probably should have been shut down a few times - once I get my fur in a whirl, I have been known to go too far with whatever point I was trying to make, especially if I’m in the Pit. And while self policing SHOULD be the way it works, sometimes in the heat of the moment, it doesn’t happen.

Grownups shouldn’t need warnings, notes, or safe spaces. But since that is demonstrably not the case ridiculing finer granularity and speed is helpful and productive conversation in what manner?

I disagree. Anybody can get caught up in the heat of discussion and cross a line now and then. But when a mod explicitly and personally tells you to shut up about it, what’s so hard about just shutting up about it?

I certainly won’t protest the establishment of an insta-suspend mod action if the mods decide we need it. But NGL, it does strike me as falling on the far side of the referee/nanny divide.

Gosh, I wonder where this is going…

If you don’t have anything helpful or on topic to post then what are you doing? Could you please stay on topic?