"On Fighting Ignorance" and Melin

I’ve read Mr.Zotti’s statements concerning the banning of Melin, I got upset and cut my computer off. I then got to thinking of how wrong it would be just to go to bed.

So, I flipped the computer back on and here I am again. I’ve got to say, I’m appalled at the Board’s action. I’ve lurked at this message board since the summer and there have only been a handful of people who truly add light as well as substance to their posts and Melin has ALWAYS been counted among those.

The Chicago Reader’s header is about fighting ignorance and yet it has just taken a huge step towards censorship and darkness. How can this happen??

The most ignorant/sexual/profane/ posts have been allowed to flourish and are merely called ‘trolling’. What do we call extinquishing a bright voice, however irritating you might find it personally?

I posted this here rather than ‘About the Message Board’ as the ‘p’ has always meant “personal” to me, rather than the ‘pointless’ name it boasts. Partly to bring up the generous way most people are welcomed here. But, I’ve noticed a sly, sardonic style with Melin and Majormd for quite awhile. Then, it is taken as an amazing thing if there is any sharpness back. It was mentioned about the critical way Melin has responded, and yet time and again, I’ve read things that were needling to ME aimed at her and Sue, and neither responded to those rather pointed attacks.

I’m asking in the spirit that Chicago Reader means to people who enjoy it’s humor along with it’s intelligence. Please reconsider your actions.

Don’t be willing to hold onto the high-handedness with which this seems to bear. There HAS to be a higher road that everyone can find and the board will be the better for it.

I’m also asking those who have appreciated Melin’s style to say so here, and to her personally.

Now is the time to decide what this place REALLY is, a warm little nest for the ‘trolls’ to say silly things and run away. Or a wide open vista encouraging the sharing of ideas/debates and yes, LIVES of those involved. THAT is the place I thought this was, and I wanted to be a part of that. Please don’t change it now.


Judy, I agree with you completely.

BTW, here’s the thread where Ed explained his rationale, so people can read it for themselves, and register their reactions.

Does her “sardonic style” on MPSIMS make it OK for her to threaten to sue the very board we all post on? I like the SDMB too much to have someone threaten its very existance.

The existance of trolls on this board is a red herring, Anti. It has nothing to do with her off-the-board behavior.

Are we really going to believe in a Massive Conspiracy to Keep Melin Down?

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Wait a minute. Is this a new banning, or are we just picking at scabs?

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Well, it would probably help if I read Firefly’s link…

Given Ed’s statement, this action seems unfounded. From what I’ve seen of Melin on this board, she has behaved herself very well. Furthermore, if they’re worried about a lawsuit, I don’t see how banning her from the MB is gonna stop that. If anything, it will probably only encourage this action.

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

Hey Judy,

I dont know what to say. I thought that Melin was one of the better posters on the board. I dont know the facts, but It does upset me that she is banned. If she deserved it, then there is nothing we can do, but I dont think that banning her will solve anything.

well, at least one person wants to meet me…


Ok, after some rational moments (and a morning shower) I’m ready to try this again.

We don’t know what’s been said and done. Although she has presented herself well on the board to us, it would not be out-of-character for her to make life hard for the powers-that-be. It’s too bad that we won’t get to hear Melin’s side of it, but even if we did what would it matter? It would all just be saber rattling.

We have recently had to wade through an unfortunate amount of trolling. Most of us here were pretty upset about that, but at least we had the option of not feeding them. We weren’t being threatened to be hauled into court. Furthermore, it’s only been a couple weeks.

If Ed has been having to deal with this for six months, I could see where the banning would not be thought of as “extreme”. She was warned. She didn’t stop. Would we have been as tolerant if MM were here, posting his inanities for six solid months?

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

I just posted something in the ATMB thread. I considered crossposting but it’s got a lot of references to that specific thread.

So here’s a prediction:

There’s going to be a lot of whining.
Someone will compare the administration to nazi germany and complain about free speech, missing the point that the SDMB is not an extension of the government.

Someone else will bring up how we got the flaming folders changed as proof of how bitching gets the admins to change things, thus convincing the admins to never, ever give in on anything again.

Good posters will quit the board as a result of the bad feeling stirred up.

Despised posters will leave the board.

There will be 6 new people whose first post is attacking the board.

**And the admins will not let Melin come back. **

So please, people, show some goddam restraint. Nothing will bring Melin back. Stirring up trouble will only drive off more good posters. And having lost Melin, I don’t think we need to lose anymore.


Good Observation Yue.

This I simply can not understand.
Truly a shame. It has already been said several times, but it’s the most valid point to bring attention to in the midst of all of this, none of us know what went on away from this board. Who says we have a right to know? I don’t care to know. It’s none of my business. I find it sad that good posters are willing to leave this forum simply because they are not part of the rumour mill.

I like it here-can I stay?
And do you have a vacancy for a Back-scrubber?

While I agree that you may be correct here, John, let’s say that Euty privately e-mails you and tells you to stop being so intelligent and informative in MPSIMS. You, of course, respond with shock and continue posting in your own style. After a while, the mod’s get tired of warning you about not being “pointless” enough, ban you and then post in MPSIMS that you were banned for some vague reasons.

I know this is not the same as what happened with Melin. My example is ridiculous and would ever happen (I hope.) However, many of us are not aware of these evil things Melin has done to warrant her beng banned. I mean, when we compare the posts we’ve seen of hers that contain her usual sardonic wit and John John’s blatant sock puppet routine, we don’t understand. So to us, my example of you getting banned is no more ridiculous than Melin’s. Do you see what I’m getting at?

In elementary terms, if they don’t tell us specifically why she was banned (or for pete’s sake, somebody give us some links to these heinous threads,) how are we to know not to do it ourselves? I kmow that we are not supposed to be jerks. Maybe Melin was a jerk. But no one has shown us what “jerk”-y things she did. I believe this is the big problem everyone seems to be having with this banning. To us, everything was going swimmingly and then, BOOM–Melin was banned (with an “official” explaination from Ed and everything!) I know the mods, admins, etc have had problems with Melin in the past, but could someone please, just to help fight our ignorance (and to stand as a lesson to us all) PLEASE give us links to these rule-breaking threads??

I always try to do things in chronological order.

If it isn’t any of our business, why have Ed devote a thread to it? That is not a rumour. They could have just banned Melin and let us find out by word-of-post. That would send a clear message that the admins did what they had to do and it wasn’t up for discussion. Don’t you think that if they had wanted to inform us about their actions and have no feedback or comments, they could have posted the “explanation” and then locked the thread? True, someone would just open one but then it is out of their hands. Ed even posted the thread in the Pit! Was he just saving people the trouble of opening new threads to discuss the matter? I think not–we all know that doesn’t work! A simple one to two sentence thread in ATMB, then locked, would have sufficed.

I always try to do things in chronological order.

It’s no secret that I am one of Melin’s admirers, so I cannot claim to be impartial.

I must say that I was dumbfounded and astounded by this turn of events. Mr. Zotti probably had a bad day and was just cranky enough to pull the trigger. Happens to all of us from time to time.

I hope that Mr. Zotti will come to his senses and restore Melin’s posting privilidges immediately.

He will be restoring his credibility at the same time.

I agree with you Wally!!

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Read Ed Zottis latest reaction in the “Melin has been banned” thread in the Pit. I for one am willing to take his word on it, as much as I liked Melins posts.

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Personal opinion: Although Melin has been a great contributor, her demise alone is not cause to quit this forum. I, too, have been one of her fans, but I also know that the board survived without her presence once before. One poster does not make or break this board.

On the other hand, what will contribute to the downfall of this board is administration’s tolerance of the influx of trolls - although troll is much too mild a word for them. Their continued presence is reason to find another place to lurk and comment.

The perplexing thing is the latitude given the obvious trolls, while Melin is banned. There seems to be a serious lack of perspective here. If they’re going to ban nonsense, then ban all of it.

Melin is an attorney. Perhaps that’s what scares them. Remember what we went through recently with Opal’s legal dispute? It really is too bad (but typical) when a corporation cowers at the spectre of the litigation bogeyman.

With any luck, there will be some “negotiation” that will permit one of our better and more thoughtful posters to return without anyone losing too much “face”.

If you’re lurking, Melin, hope to see you back soon.

Psy, I know you said this was hard to understand, but I know of at least two people who have left already, and a third who is seriously considering it.

As for the topic at hand. I must say I’m a little shocked at the WAY it was done, but not truly surprised. For those who have been regs here since “Melingate,” and seeing both sides not able to let it go…didn’t all of us think it would end up this way? Just a thought.

Oh, and John? EXCELLENT post, sir.

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Who’s left? We’ve already lost Mullinator and Polycarp for work-related reasons; who have we now lost because of Melingate II?

Bricker sez (over in the ‘Melin’ Pit thread) that he’s gone. I don’t know enough about this situation to take sides or comment here…but I will say I’m sorry to see Bricker leave.

Preface: I do not know Melin and I make no assumptions about what actions she has or has not taken.

That said, I am comfortable with the decision of the Administrators. They have given us all the explanation they need to give or ought to give under the circumstances. Any further explanation or discussion of the facts leading up to the banning might invite a defamation lawsuit (well-founded or not).

When you are given to believe that someone is intent on pursuing frivolous litigation against you, and that they are fishing around for a good excuse to do it, your best course of action is to simply cut off all interaction with that person. No interaction = no opportunity for confrontation. If this is the situation the Administrators believe they are facing, then they have made a wise decision.

Unless those of you who are complaining are willing to kick in to help defray legal expenses in the event a frivolous lawsuit is filed, you have no standing to gripe.

My apologies to Mr. Zotti for implying that he is not credible.

It was an insult that Mr. Zotti did not earn, and I want to be clear that this apology is based on remorse, and not on fear.