On-line photo albums; should I be scared?

I am doing the newsletter for our quilt guild and color pages being as expensive as they are, I decided to post the bulk of the pictures on-line for folks to sign in and look. Other than the outrage of little old ladies who don’t use computers, is there anything else I should worry about as far as privacy, etc.?

I uploaded to snapfish and gave my log-in info out just to the group. I left the names of the pictures as gobblygook so they would evade searching from outside. There isn’t any identifying info except our quilt guild name which is probably not unique in the world.

A couple of friends cautioned me against it as anyone could see stuff and track me down and steal from me :confused: :rolleyes: but I can’t imagine that with password-protection that the pix would go anywhere.


What is the concern?

That images will be stolen? Not much to do for that except remove the images. If a person can see an image, it can be saved on their computer.

That visitors to the site will be able to track you down and rob you? Absurd, provided you don’t post a picture of some tempting item with your home address next to it.

If you use something like Photobucket, you don’t have to give out anything other than a URL to visitors.

When you say color printing/copying is expensive, what sort of prices are you looking at, and for how many copies? As a reference point, my home color laser printer cranks 'em out for about 16¢ per page, and the local copy shop sells them for 49¢ per for under 50 copies.

But can only the people who sign in see the images? I am assuming they are password-protected but would an image search allow anyone to see them? I don’t care about members doing what they want with the images.

I wasn’t worried at all, I think it’s a great idea, I just want to be able to reassure folks that there is nothing to worry about.

As far as the copy shop, it is about 50 cents a page ($50 for 25 double-sided ledger-size) but that’s high for me to pay each month. The guild is used to black and white photocopies which are negligible so unless they LOVE IT! I don’t see them paying.

There’s not much to worry about, in my opinion.

First of all, a nut would have to find your pictures amongst the millions and millions of photos on the internet. Statistically speaking, it’s extremely improbable.

Secondly, I think it’s unlikely a stalker or other Bad Guy would do a search for “quilt clubs” when looking for victims.

As for what you could do to cut down on the very small chance of something bad happening, I would make sure the site doesn’t include very many identifying details. Don’t post full names in the captions. Use the first name and then an initial, if need be. Don’t post locations or anything like that. Otherwise, the password protection should be sufficient.

Yeah, we’ve got poky things and things that slice. You’d be a fool to mess with us. :stuck_out_tongue: