On maintaining the integrity of the salad bar

After the frustration of watching the person in front of me pick out the last avocado pieces of the avocado/tomato salad, I skipped that item. I was going to be fair and take equal parts avocado and tomato, but now that the avocado was gone I moved on.

Eventually I got to the boiled half eggs. There I was annoyed by the person across from me scooping out the yolks and taking the white parts, while leaving behind the messy yellow clumps and crumbs. I may not have been as appalled if she wasn’t so sloppy with her act. She managed to pollute the otherwise pristine whites adjacent to the scene of the crime with yellow smudges. I guess in her mind it was just collateral damage.

Maybe it’s just me, but I consider it somewhat of an ethical duty to preserve some reasonable level of integrity when selecting from a salad bar. On the other hand, people are paying based on weight, so why should they pay for what they won’t eat?

So I ask my fellow dopers, what is your opinion on this matter? And by all means, share your horror stories.

I won’t use salad bars. It would be a full time job keeping them stocked and clean, so they usually are neither.

I was with you until you mentioned it was a weighed salad Bar. I ignore those at all costs, but would pick what I ant if i as forced to use one.

I always time it to be first at most of the salad/soup bars (only that is) at least the ones that open at 11am … I like the best to be fresh no later than say within 15 minutes of opening or else the blue cheese has 1,000 island dressing in it and vice versa.

Plus I like the big glup’s of iceberg lettuce and not the outer shell … I like to get it to go too that way I get a lot more than just a Styrofoam container. I get one for the soup and one for the desert and a big one for the salad not to mention the little add on’s for salsa and salad dressing.

I can’t go back for seconds of course, but it makes me full twice in one day anyway.

I know what you mean though about less than good hygiene people in front of you.

I often thought they should make you wash your hands outside and go through a radiated hand inspection in the foyer before you can get a tray. Doctors have this new stuff they can spray on their hands to see if they have any germs. I don’t know how much it cost, but when the price comes down I’m going to get some.

The food handlers should wear gloves and face mask too. Now that I’m started I liked growing up with cafeteria’s in Houston with the servers behind the glass see through containers doing all the food handling.

Wyatt’s and Libby’s come to mind … now all they have is family low cost one price places where everyone crowds around the roast beef carver and load up on the shrimp that has more breading on it than the little shrimp inside and the desert bar with the serve yourself soft serve on top of your brownie … yuck! :eek:

Filling, but not satisfying

I think salad bar should just have overhead hoppers of each ingredient that you pull lever to open the valve which dumps a small portion of contents onto your plate