On my way to St Martin (Sint Maarten)!

Yay! Even TSA went smoothly. Anyone else there?

When come back, bring pie!
Enjoy the vacation.


Make sure to visit Orient beach, especially the east side of it!

There’s a neat little museum of archaeology, if that’s your thing–lots of stuff from the slave trade. It’s towards the eastern end of Front Street in PhilipsBurg.

All of those islands must have a Front Street. I spent five months on St. Thomas, which had one on the waterfront. The next street back was called, oddly enough, Back Street. Good times to be had there, from what I can recall through the alcoholic haze.

Been there in seasons past. Way to crowded. Prefer Isle Pinel, Dawn Beach, and Friar’s Bay. Any beach on the French side of the island will have a few topless sunbathers.:cool:

Phillipsburg is our go-to rain day town. Haven’t seen the museum, but if we get a rain day we will check it out! P-burg is where the cruise ships dock. To commercialized except as a rain day activity.

Really? I’ve never had problems with crowds on the nude side of Orient.

Of course maybe they saw me approaching and ran.


Damn you, get off my beach!
Check out the dinghy Dock in Oyster Bay. Fun, chill hangout, seems there were always cool people to meet.
Pinel is great, bring your snorkel gear.

We were headed to Pinel today (one of our favorite beaches) but the ferry wasn’t operating and the kayak rental dude wasn’t there. Went to Dawn Beach instead. Great time at Busby’s (Grey and Marc are old friends).

This is my sixth consecutive year coming here, my gf’s 12th.

If Colibri happens by, I have a bird ID question. We feed sugarbirds on our balcony and give them water. Dozens at a time stop for a bite. But there are also a few sparrow-like birds. Dark color with red patch on chest. ID?

Saw Caribbean Mockinbirds and a Green Monkey on our hike up to Pic Paradise yesterday!