"ON" parking. That means YOU!

Older than dirt.

Princeton, the original College of New Jersey, had a chuckle at the expense of the current one over this sign.

“Chi-tonw” tattoo

Anastasaeon in the days before mandated fresh air systems for automotive painters, we used to have a saying: “Did you ever meet an old car painter? Didn’t think so.”
I have a friend that is a parole officer who works with juvenile offenders. I asked her once about her success rate with the kids. She said it was pretty good except for the one that huffed chemicals. She said that the chemicals make them stupid, and they like it too much. She went on to say she knew that most of them would die from brain damage, but the best she could hope for was that they did not hurt too many people trying to get money for their habit.
I thought about this for about 0.1 second and told her to get them jobs in auto body work.
She did this with a couple of kids, and they are the best employees ever. These guys are never late to work. :smiley: Maybe not the brightest employee in the bunch, but they are always on time.[hijack]

There’s a truck I often see parked on some lot off the Interstate with hand-painted lettering. It reads:

Roof Oling

I once saw a sign warning that the street ahead was “FLOOED” with water.

The tutoring center at my previous college campus ordered a new sign for their doorway. It came back spelled TURORING. Fortunately, they noticed the error immediately.

A local florist shop can apparently also supply you with ballons for your sweetie. Or so it’s said on their front window for the last 10 years or so.

Sometime back in the early 1980’s, there was a standard yellow roadsign just as you got off the highway to let you know there was a church up ahead. The sign said “CHRUCH”. It remained that way for the best part of a year before it was finally fixed.

I’'m sure the athiests found it quite amusing.

We had a laundromat near here that advertised their Dying Service for some time. Oddly enough they went out of business.

No kidding they affect Punctuation and Capitalization as well

I don’t know if it’s still there, but there used to be a sign on the side of the Parkway West inbound in Pittsburgh for the “Adopt a Highway” program that proudly declared that section of highway had been adopted by Western Phychiatric Hospital.



:: checks dictionary (athiests/atheists) ::

:: sigh ::

Well, at least I know I could get a job as a sign painter in Texas.

On I-71/75 north heading towards Cincinnati, there is presently a changeable traffic sign on the side of the road, warning drivers of road work starting Augusy 3.

Shop near here, called “Panache”, had a sign up for several months saying “Panaché”. No-one had noticed.

The gas station up the street from me is running a special on air conditioner service, complete with feon. Just a few doors farther on is a flooring place that advertises a product that includes a moister barrier. Moister than what, I ask?

It must be something about this particular street: the financial planner’s sign said finacial planning for a couple of weeks. To their credit, they had it fixed pretty quickly.

I was in the NORVA area a few years ago, and passed by an office complex that gave their business name, and “Reality Brokers” as their business type.
I was so tempted to see how much a new reality would set me back.

around the corner from where I used to live was a church with a big stained glass window facing the street. It was clear glass that was colored (or perhaps layered with coolored cellophane) and there was a sill or ledger inside at the bottom that often held diplays. One December, the church people decided to put “NOEL” in the window, but they wanted it to be read from the street. The turned the letters around so, standing outside looking in, they looked correct. But they did not reverse the spelling of the word, so for a week (until someone fixed it) it was known in the neighborhood as the church of LEON

[singing]“The first Leon, the angels did…”
Oh, never mind. I’m going to ruin every Christmas song with that word in it!