On preparing coffee . . .

I was looking to prepare coffee in the evening so it’s ready faster in the morning. We can set out coffee maker to turn on, but we still have to add cream and sugar and then mix it all (which every can agree is so difficult before having coffee).

Would adding the cream and sugar on top of the grounds mix everything, or would they dissolve from the water being added and get caught in the grounds or filter?

If you’re worried about the cream and sugar getting caught in the filter, just pour them directly into the carafe.

I don’t think leaving dairy out at room temperature overnight is okay, filter or not.

I have learned to put the cream and sugar in the cup before the coffee, because the turbulence of the pour mixes it without me having to find a spoon. :wink:

Edit: if you have the room in the fridge, no reason you couldn’t mix the cream and sugar in your coffee cup and stick it in the fridge before bed. Of course, a cold cup will cool your coffee faster, but as I like cooler coffee, that’s not a dealbreaker for me. YMMV.

If you leave cream out overnight, you might be drinking your coffee with yoghurt in it the next morning.

Agreed with the others. Some things are worth the extra couple seconds. Similar to not being a good idea to try and wash vegetables while you are showering in order to save time. :slight_smile:


Or, at lest, some kind of insight to explain the possible downside of washing vegetables while showering.

Hmmm . . . never thought of that before . . .

Accidental parsnip insertion.

This can’t possibly be a serious question, right? If it is, I agree that leaving cream or liquid creamer out all night is not a good idea. I suppose you could dump powdered coffee creamer and sugar in the carafe and let the hot coffee drip in. Or at least the sugar, and then take the 5 seconds to add creamer into your cup.

In my mind, of course, if you add cream and sugar to coffee, you really don’t like coffee. You’re supposed to drink it black, just like it comes out.

Watch Seinfeld.

Simplify your life. It will continue to pay cumulative dividends for the rest of your life.

Learn to like coffee without cream and sugar. Then, you can always enjoy the simple pleasure of a cuppa, without fretting about the ready availability of cream, sugar, refrigerators, clean silver spoons of the requisite size and shape, and the myriad other worrisome complications that are going to contribute incrementally and unfavorably to timing of your death.

All those people you think are happy to have “a good cup of coffee” will spend a great deal more of their lives whining miserably about a bad one.

When a cup of coffee presents itself, just say “It’s good enough” and get on with your happy and contented life.

Moi? I make coffee for Sunday morning breakfast, when my usual daily is unavailable. On Saturday night, I bring a saucepan of water to the boil, throw in a scoop of Colombian, turn off the heat, cover it, and go to bed. In the morning, I carefully pour it off the settled grounds, reheat and drink, as is. I’ve never had a better cup of coffee.

Which episode? Or do I have to watch them all, and wait for the Citation? (I thought I had seen them all. I guess I’ve missed one.)

So you’ll go through all that, but adding a bit of cream and sugar is too stressful?

When I read the OP, I was assuming the powdered type creamer would be used and didn’t think of actual cream.
With that out of the way, I was thinking that adding it with the grounds would most likely change the taste of the coffee. I am not claiming to be a professional barista, but it would seem to me that you want clean and fresh, hot water to mix and mingle with the grounds to extract the most out them. If you would add anything else to the water before or during the mingle with the coffee grounds, I would think that it wouldn’t pick up as much of the coffee as it could have.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about using powdered creamer, then you probably don’t have a palate that cares. (I’m not at all picky about coffee, and I’ll use powdered creamer when that’s all the oil change place has, but it’s pretty blech and not a part of my pantry at home.)

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier to get the same flavor by stirring the coffee with a stick of chalk?

Putting cream and sugar in the carafe is a bad idea. Coffee is basically water. You can rinse it out the next morning and make another pot. But if the carafe is full of sugar and dairy, you can’t. You’ll have to scrub it out with soap and water after each use, negating any time saved by mixing the cream and sugar in with the coffee before you pour it. Just keep the cream and sugar by the coffee, I assure you it is not an arduous or time consuming task to put it in after you pour it.

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Perhaps premix sugar and cream in the fridge, this way it’s only one pour, and as stated you could prepour it, though that would leave you with a cold mug, this colder coffee.

Depends on how and how much you love your vegetables. :eek: