On stage confrontation (faith Hill)

I was watching The Ellen Degeneres show today and Faith Hill was on there. I guess she had an on stage confrontation with a female that grabbed Tim McGraw, I don’t know where she grabbed him but it is supposed to be on u tube but I can’t find it, they showed it on Ellen today. Can anyone help me? Thanks I am just dying to see it.

I just thought it was so cool that Faith actually confronted someone, that is beyond her. She comes across as being so laid back but I am so glad she stuck up for her man. They are the best couple ever.

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I haven’t heard about this incident, but do you mean that the woman who grabbed him also showed up at the Ellen show, and announced she was the grabber…or did the Ellen show find her and arrange for her to be there and set-up the confrontation? Or did Faith just rant about the woman while on the Ellen show?

It’s been on http://www.tmz.com several times, I’m sure you can find it there.

The fan grabbed his balls; Faith was not pleased.

I heard Ellen arranged for the woman to have front row tickets at a Phil Collins show.

Depending on her technique I can imagine it may have been uncomfortable for old Timmy too.

Here is the video on Jezebel. And I quote:

“Well if you told me you were bulging…”

So if Tim McGraw was unmarried at the time, it would be OK?

Faith Hill has been showing a mean streak lately, hasn’t she?

BTW, what is the inside joke regarding Phil Collins?

Look up “Urban Legend, Phil Collins, In the Air Tonight”

That little incident happened during a concert where I live, Lafayette, LA. Yep, it was in the paper. And, yep, we were proud.

If someone grabbed MY hubby’s balls I’d be a little perturbed too!

[and I’m sure he wouldn’t be too happy either!]

Here’s the story. It’s a pretty old one. I heard it in high school.

How is it that the fan was within ball-grabbing distance?

And how emasculating is it that McGraw needed his wife to defend his balls’ honor?

I knew about that UL; I thought there might be some other UL pertaining to balls…

Me too.

I have never in my life thought about Phil Collins’ balls. I would have been happier dieing without ever having thought about Phil Collins’ balls.I have never even thought about having any need to think about Phil Collins’ balls. But thank you for making me actually think about Phil Collins’ balls, and then finding out there was no need to think about Phil Collins’ balls. So now, not only have I thought about Phil Collins’ balls, I have thought about Phil Collins’ balls gratitously and without higher or relevant purpose.

Faith pantomined “balls”.
Man, now that’s an article I’d like to read in The Watchtower.

If I remember, they were shaking hands and signing autographs before the concert, and apparently one of the fans got carried away and grabbed a handful. The paper here reported that McGraw looked shocked and angry, then said something to her.