On the closing of the Elon Musk Twitter thread

Should be noted that there are still 2 threads in imho about the musk/twitter situation.

Also the one that’s now in the pit was more sniping than informative posts before getting moved.

I found these:

I agree. The content was already being overwhelmed.

I think there’s interest in a civil thread that’s more general. I plan to start a “breaking news” thread in MPSIMS, with the usual breaking news rules. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe a pit thread plus a breaking news thread will better meet the desires of posters than a single IMHO thread.

I was also thinking of this thread, although I guess you could argue that it was more tangential.

Thank you.

Okay, here you go:

Breaking News can go here:

Rants about Musk, or about your fellow doper’s take on the situation, can go here:

Thank you. :slight_smile:

ETA: Perhaps the pit thread should be renamed?

Can I ask about user experiences in that thread? Or, is it only for breaking news? I just posted in the Pit thread, but I’d rather post in a less wandering and vicious thread.

I posted that I’m not seeing any changes so far, what have other people seen – could something like that go into the breaking news thread?

I missed that one, thank you.

So hopefully 5 active threads on Musk will be enough.

Posters should already know any tangential on Musk in the Ukraine Invasion thread will draw moderator action swiftly at this point.

There are probably another 3-4 threads on Musk that are less than 3 months old.

Sometime I wonder if we need a Musk Tag that cuts across the forums like the Ukraine tag?

Don’t feed his ego that way. :wink:

LOL, agreed.

I never read or posted in the thread in question, but I have been reading this thread with interest.

My 2 cents: think it’s a good sign for the board that the number of “disgusted with Musk” threads may eventually outnumber the “disgusted with trump” threads. :wink: Finally someone edges Donnie aside, amirite?

P.S. The firm modding is one of the best things about the SDMB. I’m sure many here have fled from boards where there was either no modding to speak of or unpredictable/capricious/stupid modding. Our mods are the best.

That’s fine. Current user experience fits the theme of “breaking news” very well.


Thank you. I was following the IMHO thread just to keep abreast of developments. And now one of the usual suspects is sealioning in the Pit thread.

Which only makes me wonder why is it so irresistible to engage them

I was hopeful that the newly-instituted Pit thread would demonstrate our collective ability as posters to keep things productive and more or less on track, but almost immediately after the move to the Pit certain posters couldn’t resist hijacking all over the damn place. It seems to have settled back into being reasonably on topic again. We’ll see what happens. At least there’s an MPSIMS thread now, too.

We talk about EV plans and experience in this thread. What are your electric vehicle plans?

I think it’s worth mentioning that the Pit thread is very active and continues to be an informative place to share information about the Musk/Twitter fiasco. The usual suspects are no longer derailing it and it’s currently back on track (and nothing particularly “vicious” is happening). (Of course this could change at any moment! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Hang on a few minutes; I’ll be right back; I see the LSLSignal glowing against the dark clouds hovering over the Pit. :crazy_face: