Ok, I'll do it (Twickster thread closing thread closed)

Are we just closing things and not commenting on it anymore? Or what?

C’mon, guys. Get a fucking grip.

Anyone want to take bets on how many replies this puppy will get before getting closed?

If you (not any you specifically, member of the Teeming Millions you), if you want to have personal fistfights with another member of the Teeming Millions, there is a forum to do that.

That forum is not About This Message Board, where we hope people will behave – and even disagree – in a civil manner.

The thread degenerated into people just bashing one another and was closed, that’s what we do when that happens.

If you have a need to fight with someone else on this message board, take it to the Pit.

Any chance you could, you know, moderate things before they get to that point so those of us with relevant questions to ask actually have a shot at getting them answered? Otherwise anybody who doesn’t want a topic discussed has a pretty easy method of closing down discussion (and apparently without repercussions), no?

This man is right. As much as I hate to say it, Quasi (just to point out the worst, there are probably half a dozen more) deserves at least a mod note, even if his circumstances merit some special consideration.

Furthermore, closing a thread rather than moderating the offenders and allowing it to continue can take the appearance of a transparent dodge to avoid discussing the issue and leading to a proliferation of threads, well, like this one. Which shouldn’t have to exist.

Except that you ONLY do it in ATMB.

In other threads, people actually get moderated for behavior that breaks the rules. They get mod notes and/or warnings.

It’s clear that, in ATMB, your main purpose is to actually allow the thread to degenerate so that you have an excuse to close it without addressing the issues it raises.

if you can’t pit moderators, is it OK to pit the administration?

Shouldn’t Quasimodem have been warned for the abuse that presumably led to the thread being shut down?

Or did he do you guys a solid, so he gets a pass?

It is interesting that this post (#206 in the ‘Why was the Twickster ATMB thread closed?’ thread) was edited by TubaDiva.

*No. You misunderstood. I WILL NOT fall on my sword, and my “dial it back a few” was meant to let this cocksucker know I can get primitive on his sorry ass.

Now, let’s let this poor ass piece of shit call me out.

I’m ready and as I said: Any time, any place, rot.
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WTF is going on there?? I do believe that Quasi does ‘have a solid’ here, so to speak. Lucky guy to be so special, I guess. Threatening behavior without repercussion? This will become kind of a legend, I bet. And not in any good way.

Why no warning, or even Mod note?! Care to be specific, Tuba? Can you do that, please?

Quasimodem has publicly shared with us that he’s suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. One of the symptoms of this disease is, sadly, periods of irrationality and angry outbursts, especially from perceived or actual insult. There are good days and bad days for him, and the terrifying knowledge that as time goes on, there will be more bad days than good days.

I can’t answer for the moderators, and I’m not one, so I can’t begin to tell you What’s To Be Done About Quasi, but thought I’d offer that piece of information to people looking for immediate answers in the wee hours of the morning.

I think many people appreciate that. Unfortunately his outburst was completely over the line for ATMB, and in my opinion the mods have no option but to give him a formal warning.

Give him a warning, then we can all move on with dealing with the important issues here, if anybody can actually say what they are at this point?

I have no public opinion about that, just wanted to make sure the posters above me had all the information, because I think it’s a piece of the puzzle they didn’t have. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it didn’t sound like they knew.

So, to be clear, your new rule is that if anyone wants a thread closed, they just " bash" other people and rather than warn the offender, the offender gets his/her way and the thread is closed?

Congrats, this may be the fucking stupidest rule/decision that the SDMB has ever implemented…and by the standards of the SDMB, that’s saying a lot.

Maybe Twickster has Alzheimer’s, too? It would explain why she isn’t warned when she insults people.

Important issues: Mods need to play by the same rules and held to the the same or higher standards. When Mods break the rules at least the appearance of consequences should be apparent, maybe pretend something is being done and at least have an admin moderate the the Mods behavior. Under no circumstance should a mod moderate their own conduct and decide their own punishment. I think I covered everything. Could have been resolved in one quick post in the first thread.

Myrnalene summed it up very nicely there at the end, maybe that’s why Tuba didn’t want to add any sort of thread closing note. Let me quote it here for posterity:

I agreed mostly with the bolded part. But I disagree with the rest. I think this has been handled poorly. I think a few other cases have been handled poorly. But if I thought the moderation was that bad in general I wouldn’t bother commenting on it. I would just leave.

Just a wild and unfounded guess, but perhaps they’re trying to push Twickster towards a voluntary retirement from modding, ala Czarcasm, and she’s not playing along.