On the last day of finals, my student gave to me...Underwear!

Now that’s a first!

Oh, I’ve received many nice presents over the years: cake, other baked goodies, candy, makeup, jewelry, a belt, button covers, a cell phone accessory, and more.
But this was a stunner.

I was given two big bags today from two college students (both gals). One was from Robinson’s May, and it contained a lovely four-piece food carrier–an insulated bag, microwave hot pack, Pyrex dish and cover.

The other was from Victoria’s Secret. First, I opened the box and found a lovely sweater in dark gray, light gray and white.

Then I opened the little pink pouchlike thing with a hot pink ribbon around it. And what did I find inside? A pair of bikini undies in a lovely floral pattern. (How the heck did she know my size, anyway?)

I don’t mind all that much. I just think it’s rather…intimate. And funny.

Just what exactly have you been teaching these ladies? :dubious:

Of course some pictures of you modeling the items would be nice too. :smiley:

heh… consecutive thread titles currently in MPSIMS:

On the last day of finals, my student gave to me…Underwear!
I Finally Had Sex Again!!!

Yup, racer, I’ll get right on that…and you’ll end up with a fabulous pic of me wearing my new…

Wha ha ha ha ha !

Hmmm…sweater with panties or sweater without panties…either way’s a winner.

We were planning to get our form tutor a mobile of a man with an enormous penis, because we were discussing the classical play with the strap-on dildos (Aristophilies?) but decided it might be slightly inappropriat. Just slightly.

**vivalostwages **, would it have been creepy if the student that gave you the gift was male?

I can’t help but thing that this is one of those ‘If a girl does it, its cute. If a guy does it, its sexual harassment’ :eek: type deals. :frowning:

It’s really not even an issue, since the guys never give me anything.