On the topic of new smilies

How many new smilies are we looking at? How many are in the running? When will the voting be? Same voting method as last time?


See the sticky at the top of the forum.

The second great smiley election.

The questions I asked I don’t believe were answered well in that thread… Like when is the voting?

[Mr. Miyagi voice]

Ahftah ahftah!

[/Mr. Miyagi voice]

Au contraire, my dear chap! :slight_smile:

Libertarian - one of my favourite Kung Fu movies! I love the simplicity of teaching martial arts skills through the repetition of household chores. Wax the car! Sand the deck! Paint the fence!

When my son wants to learn karate, I shall emply the Miyagi method and kill two birds with one stone.

Clayton, the sticky doesn’t say when the voting is, so that means that they haven’t set a date for the voting yet.


I feel the same way. :slight_smile: I love Karate Kid!

I hated it.

Not because it was a bad movie, it wasn’t. It’s probably the best acting that either Ralph Macchio or Pat Morita ever did.

But I was a huge Legion of Superheros fan and when I heard about a movie called “The Karate Kid”, I assumed it was about the character from the comics (who’d been around since 1965 or so). I mean: can you imagine going to see a movie called, say…“Superman” and not involving the guy from Krypton?

So when I went to see it, I was really, really pissed. “It’s about some kid being bullied? Where’s the alien ninjas? Where’s Mordru the evil space-sorcerer? What about the Fatal Five? What do you mean that he’s up against some punks? That’s it???” So I really couldn’t appreciate it on it’s own merits.