On this day, 35 year ago...

Lindyhopper was born.

Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope this year brings as much happiness and joy as the friendship you’ve shown me over the last three years has brought me. I wish I was closer so I could down a few Moose Drools with you, but I’m there in spirit.

Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday.

I feel like I’m in a restaurant when the waiters bring a little cake and candles to a nearby table and start singing “Happy Birthday…”

And WTOG TV channel 44 in St Petersburg-Tampa, FL (IND) made its 1st broadcast.

A total and complete aside, highjacking my own thread… I used to watch that channel all the time when I lived in Florida. Usually for TNG and/or DS9. :slight_smile:

(And now back to your regularly scheduled dancing birthday…)