On Which Side Do you Hang?

I went to the tailor today to get my first ever suit. Sad in a way, I guess it means that I’m joining the adult world. :frowning: But I need the suit for upcoming events.

We agreed on a fabric (light Aussie wool), a colour (navy blue pinstripe) and a style (three button, narrow lapels etc). At any rate, the tailor had these paper thingies that were probably suit patterns that he wrapped around my shoulders, my chest, down my arms, my middle, my hips and the rest, making measurements with his tape measure all the while. When he got to my hips he asked, “On which side do you hang?”

Ummm? WTF?

Anyway, he explained that men’s dangly bits usually hang left or hang right. I, apparently, hang left. My dad explained that this means that my dangly bits are more comfortable on the left side of the crutch seam.

New concept for me.

Do women hang? Does the seam feel more comfortable pitched to the left or the right of the labia? If so, on which side do you hang?

Men, on which side do you hang?

“Calling Joey Tribbiani, paging Mr. Joey Tribbiani.”

Us ladies leave the ‘hanging’ to the men. For us, the seem just goes down the middle.

Well, I tend to hang to the left (or “dress to the left”, as i was taught to say by…I think it was my mum at about age 8 or so?). I’ve never had this confirmed by anyone in a professional tailoring capacity, but my girlfriend has fact-checked and agrees with me in my assessment.

My tailor prefers to say “Which way do you dress?”, like Kombucha’ShroomPerson says. I “dress” to the right, which I find somewhat alarming as I am a leftie. I guess “The Boys” think we should be a rightie. :smiley: Oh, and the tailor has that info on file now so he doesn’t have to ask anymore. I’m not sure what to think about having that little piece of TMI on file somewhere. :eek:

Tailors in Hong Kong always ask which way do you dress. Most likely a British expression…

I’ve never heard this before. Nor have I ever been asked which way I “hang”. Maybe I should be insulted by that.
I’m glad I read this, though. I’m sure it will spare me embarassment somewhere down the road:

Tailer: Which way do you dress?

CalMeacham: One leg at a time, like everyone else.

Ah, the pleasures of tailored clothing.

If you get custom fitted shirts, be sure to tell the tailor on which wrist you wear your watch. He’ll make those cuffs slightly wider, to accomodate the watchband.

I’m glad I read this thread too. Because up untill now, I think I’d probably FREAK if my tailor asked me that.

Ah the pleasures of tailored clothing, When I joined the workforce many years ago I purchased two tailored suits and four white shirts. Total cost was $275, almost all of my savings at the time. Man I loved wearing those suits! I have never had clothing that fit so well, thats when I found out that I dress to the left.

I dress left.



I don’t direct my parts to go to either side, and for that matter none of the boyparts end up residing in the upper reaches of my pants legs, but rather up higher, above the divide.

Is this like a loose-boxer-shorts thing?

I’ve always heard it as “Do you dress left or right?”

Left. Definitely left. :smiley:

The one time I got fitted by a tailor I asked if one way was more common than the other, and he said that generally right handed men dress left and vice versa. (I’m a righty and I dress left, so there you go.)

I’ve never understood the concept. When you “dress” to one side or the other, does that imply that when putting on your underclothes, you actually place your dick to rest on the left or the right, and then the (presumably tight-ish) underpants, once pulled up, keep it in that position?

I mean, I’ve never stuck it anywhere. I just let it go where it goes, and when standing, that’s hanging straight down. Right now I’m in boxer-briefs, and sitting, and it’s kind of sticking to the left, but I certainly didn’t place it there.

And how tight are these tailor-made pants that the position of a penis would make such a difference? All of my dress pants are rather roomy. :confused:

Maybe roomy for YOU! :rolleyes:

Wait a minute, are we talking about gnads, or the big kahuna?

My boys are lower on the left, and Mr. Johnson usually hangs out on the left when I’m wearing boxers.

Y’all can get yours to go down?

They’re talking about nuts?

And GaryM: My dress pants are roomy when I’m standing. When I sit down, I can see how “dressing” to one side or the other would be an issue. I was just confused about the apparently common practice of actually placing your dick on one side or the other. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

MamaCoffee always comments about stuff like this–but she says, “How do you park it?”
All I can say is HubbyCoffee asked me to NOT purchase the underwear that has the opening horizontal as they fail to keep the package parked. Apparently as the cotton ages it loosens up and he experienced lotshock and Mr.J and the twins tumbled out then they got caught in his lap and he CRUNCHED :eek: them. He was not a happy camper that day.

Seams in women’s underwear are generally not in that area. And if my labia get so large as to crowd the pantseam, parking would be evenly divided due to the nature of the organ. :slight_smile: