Best small town name ever.

It’s gotta compete with Mianus. Here, I’ve got a map of how to get there.

Howabout Shinnecock?

Hmm, Onancock. Is that where someone spilled a lot of seed upon the ground?

Few names beat Fucking Austria.

My local favorite is the Rio Culo Seco, the “Dry Ass River.”

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

I have to admit I hesitated before clicking on that link.

No love for Dildo, Newfoundland?

In Pennsylvania, the road from Blue Ball to Paradise is through Intercourse.

[Dave Barry] I am not making this up. [/Dave Barry]

Is that anywhere near Wet Beaver Creek?

Exit 69!

Onancock… where all the gas stations are self-serve.

Nope, the new heroine in the next James Bond movie.

Onancock is nice, but I have a contender.

Last year I vacationed in Bumpass, Virginia.

When my son was 11, he was visiting family in Europe. He sent me a postcard from Condom, France. When he got home, he was happy to give me a bottle of cherries in Armagnac with the name Condom in gold letters. Repeating a joke that worked once is still fun when you’re 11.

In Wisconsin, there’s always much amusement when we drive past the signs directing us to the Bong Recreation Area.

And there’s Milaca, Minnesota which is a very naughty word in Greece. My ex BIL has some pics of us standing on the side of the highway with him laughing his ass off.

My hometown is Effingham, IL. It gets better. Our football team was “The Flaming Hearts.”

What’s even better is that Condom is on the river Baïse (une baise, pronounced differently, is a fuck).

Canadians will be pleased to note that both Condom and the Baïse are located near a village named Montréal (no relation).

ETA: Wikipedia informs me that there is, in fact, a Condom Cathedral, formerly staffed by a Bishop of Condom.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing the sign to, “Big Bone Lick State Park,” in Kentucky.

We stopped there one time and checked out the big bones.

There’s only a Boring, OR.