Once again I am constrained.

This will soon end up in the MPSIMS with the other thread I started, but I just have to. You may recall a popularity contest in MPSIMS, the most popular poster of the century. Satan won. Someone started one specifically for the Great Debates. Satan said he’d give a dollar to those who voted for him. I voted for him and gave him my address. Today I returned to school and found a letter in the mail. THe letter had a one dollar bil in it with a post it note attached to it. The post-it note read “Thanks for the support! Yer Pal, SATAN”

What a guy is our Brian. If it weren’t for the fact that I could praise him unutterably for it, I’d feel unbearably guilty for even posting my address.

All praise Brian! He is the MAN.


If I were you, I’d frame the dollar, attaching a label indicating who gave it to you. Hung conspicuously in your office during your later career, it might serve as a psychological advantage against any who might think to compete with you.

< Kevin Spacey in American Beauty >


< /Kevin Spacey in American Beauty >

Yer pal,

Oh, sure, he sends you the dollar, but not those to whom he made his first dollar promise! Hmph!

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And, yes, as Surg noted, it’s off to MPSIMS for this.

Guys, I’ve noted a recent surge in people posting and saying, essentially, that they know it will be kicked to MPSIMS but they’re posting it here anyway. Well, can you please do me a favor and just post it to MPSIMS instead to begin with?! It would save me some time and effort, and I know you guys all want to make my job as easy as possible. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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He won with only about .004 of the membership voting for him?

Sounds like a normal election to me!

That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball!