Some Quick Advice for Newcomers -- Please Read!

[Moderator Hat: ON]

I wanted to post this and don’t have much time, but I thought it a good idea anyway.

I’d like to welcome our new members, but because you kind of came over in a bunch (well, some of you), things got a bit odd around here.

As you’ve no doubt noticed (and the regs certainly have), I’ve moved more threads in the last couple days than all the threads I ever moved previously. Yes, when the new members came over, a lot of “debates” turned into chats, and that was fine. But when new mundane pointless threads started (and a few flame ones), it became time to start re-enforcing the rules of location. It’s not that we can’t have a little fun in here, but if there’s not a Great Debate behind it, let’s keep it in MPSIMS where it belongs.

Also, I would highly recommend that new members read as many of Cecil’s columns as they can. In fact, I’d recommend they go out and buy all his books. :slight_smile: But even if they won’t do that, reading his columns will give you a better idea of why most of the rest of us are here.

I’ll see you around. But I hope not to see you while I’m wearing this particular hat.

David B, SDMB Great Debates Moderator

[Moderator Hat: OFF]

And just to make sure that THIS thread belongs in Great Debates, too:

Does MPSIMS really exist, or is it just a product of our collective imaginations?

Hmmmm… I guess we get to debate the rules now??


I read the latest column, and will read more, as the come up… OKAY??


† Jon †
Phillipians 4:13

I lurk more than post but, thank you for your kind greetings and I actually do read the column. I appreciate the consideration shown in your post and will do my utmost to live up to the standards set above.

Navigator: No need to wait, my new friend. The entryway to this page, , has access to dozens of examples of Cecil’s work. Just hit “archives” on the line with “message boards,” “news” and whatnot (while you’re at it, “Buy Stuff” ain’t a bad link either :wink: ). There is a list of the columns that have been web-published recently, along with a search engine to find others by a keyword (hint: be careful about the words you enter into the search engine. Uncle Cecil writes a lot of columns that may be a little racy for the uninitiated.). Also, the “Comment about Cecil’s Columns” section of this very message board has further discussion about the articles.

In addition to Cecil’s columns, the Straight Dope Science Advisory Board answers questions posed by members here in a section called the Mailbag. David B and others do extensive research to answer the questions we can’t (or won’t) in General Questions.

So with the combination of Cecil’s columns, General Questions and the Mailbag, it is possible to acquire virtually all (non-divine) human knowledge in a very short while at this website. Wanna know about the weird hole in your Kiwi shoe polish can? Got it. Wanna know why excrement is brown? Yep (if you really want to know). Were the lyrics to Louie Louie really dirty? Done. What is the Chandler Wobble and why do you care? Piece of cake.


I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

David ,as some of you newbies may not know,is on loan to us from on High,so be nice to him,tiptoe around if you have to,talk quietly.Thank you.

I love orange cupcakes!

oh yeah my point, I read every article Cecil ha put on the net, but none of his books.

Ok, so sue me, call me lazy, i have other stuff to do. right wife?

(wink wink)

Tracer, I’d like you to define ‘collective imagination’ before we begin this debate. It’s always nice to set the definitions first; if we don’t, you know they’ll be argued later.

So, is the limit on the collective imagination an absolute? Or do we consider it to be potentially infinite? How do we handle those who seem to have no imagination? Is there such a thing as a negative to be concerned with?

I will post my evidence later as I have very little time to spend here now. I’m involved in the legal defense of a friend of mine. I also have a city council meeting to attend shortly and my gene therapy research project is in dire need of attention. I am also in the midst of writing a book on the history of the tension spring as used in bronze age armaments. Oops, there goes the telephone; it is probably Larry King calling for my opinion on the upcoming general election. So as you can see I have very little time to spend here and if you do not have comments of any value to add to this arguement, I will no be back.

Goodbye for now.

David is not on loan from on High; He is on High. Join the First Church of David B! (cash, credit cards and checks accepted)

Gaudere, Prime Example of Humility of the First Church of David

Ecce ancilla Domini. Fiat meum secundam verbum tuum.

From reading several of FORMERAGENTS posts, I think DavidB isn’t the only one.

Ohhhhh…you said on high…


That was a little too much like Phaedrus in the Flat Earth thread, UncleBeer!

Naw, it must be your ‘imagination’ tracer.

yOU aLL SuCk & R nOt NiCe!

Hell is Other People.

I think you put an extra “on” in there. :wink:

Gaudere, I think I liked you better as an atheist! :wink:

Count your blessings, RT–I haven’t even started witnessing yet!

Shouldn’t this thread be in the “About this message board” forum? Somebody should alert the moderator.

Now you’ve got me curious, Gaudere - I want to hear your testimony!

[Dvd 1:1] In the beginning David B created the Great Debates Message Board.
[Dvd 1:2] And the threads were without order, and were neither Great nor Debates; and filled with spam and obscenity-laden quarrels. And the Spirit of David B moved upon the face of the threads.
[Dvd 1:3] And David B said, Let there be debates: and there were debates.
[Dvd 1:4] And David B saw the debates, that they were Great: and David B divided the debates from the MPSIMS and General Questions and About This Message Board and Mailbag and the BBQ Pit and Comments on Cecil’s Columns.
[Dvd 1:5] And David B called the debates Great Debates, and the other stuff He called Crap I Don’t Have to Worry About. And the evening and the morning were the first day; and He was done, for lo He is a mighty God, and need not take a whole week to work like some other Gods I could mention.

(Now I have firmly established in the newbie’s minds that I am a fruitcake. Sorry, RT, I couldn’t muster up a proper description of a David B Epiphany, so this is all you’re getting. :wink: )

Would the Barney vs. H.R. Puff’n’stuff thread I started in MPSIMS be considered a great debate? 'Cause if it is, I’d like it moved here, please…
I consider this to be one of the great social issues of the last decade of the millenium.

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