Is there some kind of survey thing, or questions, interrogation, firing squad, etc, to face upon your arrival here? I feel stupid just jumping into debates that are god knows how long, offering opinions that spring from unknown sources from a guy people know nothing about.

Nope, just jump right in. It is a good idea to “lurk” first–read the stuff other people post before posting yourself to get the feel of the place. Also, you don’t have to immediately jump in with both feet; you can post to other people’s threads rather than starting your own, and you can post questions or comment on one relatively small part of the issue–you don’t have to refute the “other side’s” every argument in one fell post.

If you do want to post a “Hi, I’m so-and-so, here’s some info about me” (whatever you’re comfortable revealing on a public message board which could be read by anybody in the world), try our MPSIMS forum. You can also use our About This Message Board for practice posts in order to get the hang of the vB formatting codes and things like that.

Since there isn’t really a debate here, I’ll close this thread.