Once I discovered ____ I knew I'd never go back to _____ .

Prepackaged shredded parmesan - that powdery shit

how to change my break pads - spending $100 on twenty minutes worth of work

Tivo - cable

Stole my answer.

CDs -> vinyl
marijuana -> Prozac

Splenda -> Sugar

home-cooked hamburger … McDonalds

broadband … dial-up

QEW->soap and water (for washing the car)
coarse ground pepper->the useless powdered stuff

Good quality tea, versus the cheap stuff. I still can’t find any of the really good stuff, this side of the Pond, but there’s no reason to settle for Lipton.

the desert…mountains

whitewater boating…lake canoeing


women that are actually nice to me…the Ex

Prepackaged shredded Cheese --> Blocks of cheese that rot before I finish them.
Sanity --> Insanity
Self-Esteem --> The ex-wife, people who weren’t good to/for me
Decent inexpensive shirts --> t-shirts as daily wear
Dark Chocolate --> That brown vaguely peanut tasting stuff that passes for chocolate.

fresh pasta … dried pasta

red tea … green tea
King salmon … Atlantic salmon
Dungeness crab … Alaskan king crab
Vermont cheddar … New York cheddar

road bikes … clunky hybrids

grass-fed beef purchased directly from the rancher … store-bought beef

Once I discovered boxer-briefs I knew I’d never go back to boxers.

Getting your jewels squeezed between your thigh and the leg of your jeans while squatting down for something is an experience I won’t repeat now that I have better support.

Release —> Regular tin foil


The Colbert Report…Leno or Letterman

Middle-aged, home owner, parental poverty – Young, single, carefree, expendable income.

I am curious. Is tivo useful without cable?

Real parmesan fresh off the block -> that pre packed shredded shit :stuck_out_tongue:

High-resolution digital cameras … film

Seriously, my Nikon D40, with lens, at under $900 is relatively cheaper than my first Nikon F2 (I paid $300 just for the body back in the early 1970s!). And with the digital camera, I pop out a tiny card, slip it into my laptop computer, edit the photos, send 'em to a professional one-hour photo-mat and pick up gorgeous photos of my granddaughter (are there any other kind?) within hours. Oh, yeah, I’m all about digital!