Once upon a time... S P O I L E R ! !

:confused:Did I imagine it or did “What’s Her Name” . . .

becomes the new “Dark One”!? :eek:

No, it’s still Rumple.

Right - Rumple is still the Dark One - She has the knife that gives her control of him.

You know, the knife he gave to his shadow on the island with strict orders not to bring it back, even to him.

THat apparently she uses to keep him locked up in a small cage…

He had his shadow fly back with the dagger to kill him and his father.

What I don’t get is, in the previous seasons Rumple kept saying, “dead is dead,” and that magic couldn’t bring people back, and yet, they use magic to bring him back.

For continuity’s sake what they should have done is somehow clone him, even magically if needed, and then have Dr. Whale (Victor Frankenstein) place a heart in Rumple, just like he did to revive others. That would have also been a great explanation for Rumple’s madness.

And finally, if Rumple was mad because he absorbed Neal, then why was there a separate Neal running around in Storybrooke?

Forgot about the shadow coming back - :smack:

We questiioned that whole “2 places at once” ourselves - but on thinking - Neil showed up @ the shop after Gold escaped - and no one can find Gold until after Neil leaves the hospital - we never see them in the same place together except after Emma splits them.

So - that part makes sense if you don’t think about it much.

and yeah - ‘dead is dead unless you’re brought back - and we always come back’ just doesn’t add much drama to people dieing.

So far - we’ve had 2(?) deaths that havent come back? We know Neil will come back - yet again (this is his second death, he might be getting close o the ‘true death’ - but man, they are in repeating land now).

Oh, I get it, Gold morphed into Neil and back. Makes sense.

And there are two permanent deaths. I don’t think the Huntsman (Sheriff Graham) came back after Regina crushed his heart. And there was a mystery person killed by Cora. He’s not coming back.

So let’s see Zelena is collecting:

Brain - Everybody’s memories?
Courage - Prince Charming’s sword hilt
Heart - Regina’s

For a spell that will turn back time and stop Regina from being born. Gives the writers a plot to work with. By why return them to Storybrooke? Was the only way to get their memories maybe?

Snow’s maid/nanny was killed in StoryBrooke as was the (blue?) fairy?

So, thats 4 -

As for bringing them back to storybrooke - probably 2 things-

a) so we can have this stupid back/forth adventure (ala lost)
b) probably cheaper costuming and set wise to keep them in the present.

The Blue Fairy/Mother Superior came back. Oh yeah, I forgot about Snow’s maid. She was just a throwaway character anyway :D.

Anyway, I never watched Lost, but I know what you mean. Also, now we have two mysteries. Since Rumple is still alive, what was the one thing she loved that she had to give up to recast the curse? And two, why does she want the baby? Are they related? Frankly I’m finding this season kind of boring, but those two questions are sufficient enough to keep my watching.

I wonder why they haven’t had someone throw a bucket of water at the Wicked Witch yet. Even if it’s a “you didn’t think that would actually work, did you?” you’d think that would be Plan A once she showed up.

I thought Rump was that thing, so she’d never give him up.

For Rump’s “storybrooke” curse - the person casting the curse had to give up the thing he/she loved most - for Selena, that thing was Rump (heh) - So Rump went back to training Regina.

I assume that Selena’s curse/plan requires the same thing (“If I could turn back time”) and she will go to give up Rump (heh) - only to find out that thats not the thing she needs to give up - since her love of self trumps Rump.

The very instant he said that about giving up the thing she loved most, I thought “that would be herself”!

The flying monkey was creepy.

Yeah, it is, or they are I should say. They also try to keep people from leaving Storybrooke. I wonder if it’s because people’s memories would return if they did.

As soon as Rumple said to Zelena something about being envious I turned to my wife and said, “and that’s why she will turn green…green with envy…” My wife was very impressed with that bit of deduction. So the Wizard of Oz in this case is actually a wizard?

No, he was shown to be a phoney just like in the original version. He just had a collection of magic items he used to fool people with.

How did he show Zelena the past, though?

I heard him mutter something about ‘historical documents’…

He had magical items, he just couldn’t cast any spells himself. He didn’t have any natural magical abilities.

Cora is still dead (so far) isn’t she?